NFTDUEL Launches Soon: Pre-launch Test League will be held

In preparation for the official launch of NFTDUEL, we will hold a pre-launch test league as follows. If you would like to participate in the Bronze 1 league, please apply using this form.
・Trial league: Anyone can participate
・Bronze 1 League: 20 people will be selected from those who applied for participation using this form (selected taking into account past test league participation status, etc.)

【Application Form】
NFTDUEL Pre-Launch Test League Application Form (NFTDUELプレローンチテストリーグ参加申請フォーム)

【Application deadline】
December 10th (UTC)

【Pre-launch test league schedule】
December 12th (Tue) 12:00 (UTC) – December 26th (Tue) 9:00 (UTC)

【Explanation by league】

■League common
・The cards that can be incorporated into the deck are only locked cards of XANAChain (locking is done with XANA NFT).

■Trial League
・Anyone can participate.
・FUEL is not required for battle.
・There are no Season Rewards or Genesis Rewards. (Same as the real one)
・The number of cards in the deck is 10. (Same as the real one)
・Cards up to Lv3 can be used. (Same as the real one)
・Genesis Card cannot be used. (Same as the real one)

■Bronze 1 league
Everyone who battles 56 times or more in League mode during the test period (14 days) will receive $50 worth of XETA.
・Only those who apply using this form and are selected as one of the 20 participants will be able to participate.
・Set LP to 200 at the start of the season.
・30 FUEL is required per Battle. If all battles are played and the player loses all battles, 2100 FUEL (30 x 5 x 14) will be consumed.
・As with the actual event, please prepare the FUEL required for the battle by swapping it from XETA on the site that will be announced at a later date.
・We will also distribute Season Rewards (top 5 players) and Genesis Rewards (distribution rate according to the cumulative number of Genesis cards included in the deck in which the battle was played) .
・The number of cards in the deck is 15. (Same as the real one)
・Cards up to Lv4 can be used. (Same as the real one)
・Up to 3 Genesis cards can be included in a deck. (Same as the real one)

【Battle recommended times (to facilitate matching)】

To facilitate matching, the following times are recommended for play.
・3:00~4:00 (UTC)
・9:00~12:00 (UTC)
・12:00~15:00 (UTC)

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