NFTDUEL League Season 3 will be held!

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  • Start Date and Time: June 3, 2024 (Mon) 12:00 (UTC)
  • End Date and Time: June 20, 2024 (Thu) 12:00 (UTC) ※The end date may be subject to change.


Eligible Participants:

  • Anyone can participate.
  • If you wish to duel in Bronze 1 League or above, you will need the appropriate number of NFTDUEL cards corresponding to the league.



  • Everyone starts from Trial League, LP: 0.
  • FUEL is unnecessary in all leagues.
  • In the Trial League, all participants construct their decks from the same set of cards (one of each type). Genesis cards are not usable.
  • Only cards owned can be used in Bronze 1 League or higher.
  • In Bronze 1 League or higher, up to “Number of Cards in Deck ÷ 5” Genesis cards can be used.
  • No limit on the number of duels per day.
  • After a duel, the league membership changes based on LP (once promoted, a league will not drop down within the same season).
  • In PvP leagues Bronze tier and above, there are win streak bonuses and win streak stop bonuses (no win streak bonuses or win streak stop bonuses in PvNPC).
  • Season rewards are distributed to the top 30% (rounded down) of accounts with at least one win in Bronze League 1 or higher.
  • Genesis rewards are distributed based on the cumulative usage count of Genesis cards (the total number of Genesis cards included in the deck during duels).


For detailed information on abilities, please refer to the following sheet:
Ability Details Sheet

Download Information


NFTDUEL User Manual Welcome to the NFTDUEL User Manual! NFTDUEL is an original card game by XANA, featuring dream collaborations across various IPs. 【Preparation】 First, insta...

Fuel Required for Duel in Each League

 League Fuel Required for Duel
Bronze (1~3)0
Silver (1~3)0
Gold (1~3)0
Pink (1~3)0
Diamond (1~3)0

Card Sales

Price: Approximately $20

  • For Wallet Login: Payment in XETA ※ Card pack prices (XETA prices) will be dynamically set based on the XETA-USD rate periodically.
  • For Web2 Login (Email, etc.): Payment in Japanese Yen (Credit Card Payment) ※ Card pack prices (XETA prices) will be dynamically set based on the USD-JPY rate periodically.

※ Please refer to the following various site URLs for the card sales site URL.

Various Site URLs

  • NFTDUEL Card (CryptoNinja Card Pack) Sales Site
  • NFTDUEL Card (All Types) Secondary Purchase Site (XANA NFT)
  • NFTDUEL Card Bridge Site (To XANAChain)
  • FUEL Purchase Site ※ You can purchase FUEL with a credit card.
  • FUEL⇔XETA Swap Site


The following actions are considered violations and are subject to penalties (such as no reward distribution or account suspension):

  • Conducting duels between accounts owned by the same individual.
  • Transferring the same card to other accounts and using the same card across multiple accounts within the same season.
  • Any other actions deemed fraudulent by the XANA Team.

※ If detected for fraud through AI detection such as the same device or the same IP address, the individual will be disqualified from the campaign and lose all entitlement to rewards in the future.


  1. Server Issues: NFTDUEL may include online features. Due to server load or maintenance, the service may be temporarily interrupted. Players agree that we are not responsible for any inconvenience or damage caused by these interruptions.
  2. Application Bugs: Players agree that we are not responsible for any damage or data loss caused by bugs in the NFTDUEL application.
  3. Third-party Actions: We are not responsible for any risks or damages arising from interactions or sharing with third parties.
  4. Changes and Termination: We may change the content of the game or the method of providing services, or terminate the provision of the game without notice. We are not responsible for any damages incurred by players as a result.
  5. Attention to Minors: Minors must play this game with the consent of their parents or legal guardians. We are not responsible for any problems caused by minors playing the game without the consent of their parents or legal guardians.
  6. Other Disclaimers: We are not responsible for any risks or damages related to the game that are not explicitly stated in this disclaimer.


At the conclusion of the season, a total of $10,000 in rewards will be distributed among the top 30% of accounts in the Bronze League with one or more victories.

Additionally, players who have won at least one match in the Bronze League and whose ranking ends in either 0 or 37 will receive a bonus XETA. (This applies to rankings excluding accounts with zero wins in the Bronze League, not the in-app rankings.)

In addition to the table below, for accounts that have dueled using Genesis Cards, XETA worth $2,000 will be distributed based on the cumulative number of Genesis Cards brought into battle per account (distributed in units of 1 XETA, rounded down to the nearest whole number).

※The table below provides examples of rewards for Season 1. Actual rewards may vary slightly depending on the number of participants with at least one win in the Bronze League.

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Table of contents