Pony Canyon Planning Acquires XANA Land for Metaverse Expansion

Pony Canyon Planning, renowned for its creative prowess in packaging and merchandise design for animation, movies, dramas, and music, has made a strategic move into the metaverse by acquiring XANA Land. Recognized as a “preferred creative agency” by Netflix, Pony Canyon Planning’s acquisition signals a significant expansion of its business into the virtual realm.

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Pony Canyon Planning’s Metaverse Initiative

Strengthening Ties with XANA

  • After co-producing a major NFT award with XANA in 2021, Pony Canyon Planning has further cemented its relationship with XANA by acquiring land in its metaverse.
  • This acquisition marks a pivotal step in integrating their creative services within the digital landscape of the metaverse.

XANA’s Premier Land Sale: A Web3 Metaverse Pioneer

Current Status and Upcoming Schedule

  • XANA’s land sale has witnessed exceptional demand, with the Super Rare 1×1 size selling out in under a minute.
  • Every Super Rare Land parcel has been sold out to date.
  • The sale continues with a specific schedule for whitelist and public access:
    • Whitelist Access: 15th, 7 am – 16th, 3 am
    • Public Access: 16th, 3 am – 17th, 3 am
  • Minting Site: Visit here

About Pony Canyon Planning

Core Business Activities

  • Pony Canyon Planning specializes in design, film promotion, and the manufacturing and sales of merchandise.
  • The company’s expertise spans across various entertainment sectors, contributing to its reputation as a leading creative force.
  • Official Website: Visit Pony Canyon Planning

Join the Metaverse Revolution with Pony Canyon Planning and XANA

Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of the exciting metaverse journey with Pony Canyon Planning and XANA. Explore the land sale, engage with cutting-edge virtual real estate, and witness the fusion of creativity and technology in this dynamic virtual world. Visit the minting site now to be a part of this groundbreaking venture.

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Table of contents