XANAChain Migration and New Staking Rules: Essential Update for XETA Stakers

Weekly Development Update

XANA’s migration to XANAChain brings transformative changes to the XETA Staking process. Participants in XETA Staking should closely follow the maintenance schedule and acquaint themselves with the new cycle and unstaking rules.

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Maintenance and Migration

Maintenance Schedule

  • Dates: December 25, 12:00 to December 28, 12:00 (UTC)
  • Impact: Temporary unavailability of unstaking and reward claiming
  • Post-Maintenance: Unstaking will lead to receiving funds via XETA (XANA Chain)
  • Staking Pause: No staking until Cycle 6 starts
  • Cycle 5 Rewards Announcement: Set for December 29, 12:00 (UTC)

XANA Chain Migration

  • Completion: Migration finalizes post-maintenance
  • Automatic Swap: XETA (C-Chain) automatically converted to XETA (XANA Chain), no action needed from users

New Staking Cycle Rules

Previous Cycle Rule

  • Campaign Period: 14 days
  • Join Raffle Period: 2 days
  • Cool Down Period: 14 days
  • Total Cycle Duration: 30 days

New Cycle Rule

  • Campaign Period: 13 days
  • Join Raffle Period: 2 days
  • Total Cycle Duration: 15 days
  • Note: Removal of the cooldown period for continuous staking, except during join raffle period

Cycle 6 Schedule

  • Campaign Period: January 1, 12:00 to January 14, 12:00 (UTC)
  • Join Raffle Period: January 14, 12:00 to January 16, 12:00 (UTC)

Cycle 7 Schedule

  • Campaign Period: January 16, 12:00 to January 29, 12:00 (UTC)
  • Join Raffle Period: January 29, 12:00 to January 31, 12:00 (UTC)
  • Future Cycles: Repeated every 15 days

New Unstaking Rule

Previous Rule

  • Immediate claim post-unstaking
  • Tax for unstaking within 14 days of initiation

New Rule

  • Full claim available 14 days after unstaking application
  • Tax incurred for immediate claim within 14-day period post-application

Guides for Reference

Stay Informed and Adapt

Adapting to these changes is crucial for maximizing benefits in the evolving XANA ecosystem. Review the guidelines, prepare for the new staking cycle, and continue to thrive in the Web3 revolution with XANA. Stay updated and leverage the opportunities in the new XANAChain landscape!

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Table of contents