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After that, the appearance of avatars wearing Rabi’s dress-up items and working in the video space newly created by Caravaggio quickly became popular, and many avatars were sold at Ravi’s shop. came to come.

Yayoi creates dress-up items one after another so as not to bore customers.

Even now, in my room in the real world, I am drawing new works using a tablet device and a pen.

(Though it’s good that it’s prospering, it’s still only during the contract period. If it’s over, the shop will be gone, so we’ll have to work hard before that happens!…… But why are Teto-san and the others refusing the interview?)

As it became popular on SNS, the media often applied for interviews.

Of course, the story comes through XANA’s production company, but Teto has handed everything over to Ravi.

(Perhaps it’s because I said I was a job seeker? Maybe I made him worry strangely…)

But Teto said that the creators of Caravaggio were amateurs.

He also said that it wasn’t selling very well, so it should be a blessing just like Yayoi to be known like this.

“…But when I think about it, it’s a strange group, isn’t it?”

Yayoi suddenly picks up her smartphone and searches for Caravaggio, but no creator group appears.

I thought it was because they just formed, but it’s strange that they don’t show up in searches at all.

“Hmm, but the creators I met at XANA were normal.”

I guess I’m playing a character to some extent, but I can understand the story and exchange opinions.

While I was thinking that it was useless to worry about it, my smartphone suddenly played incoming music.

“Huh? This number is…”

“Tet, please listen! “It has been officially decided that I will be employed as a dress-up item designer for XANA!” 』

In XANA’s gazebo, where he had previously discussed with Teto, Ravi reports to Teto in a state of excitement.

“That was good. I was relieved that I was able to help you.』

“I am grateful! “Thanks to the people of Caravaggio!” 』

There was playground equipment in the park, and I didn’t realize it at first, but the avatars playing were Caravaggio people.

Wearing dress-up items made by Ravi, she is playing happily.

“Speaking of which, it seems that Caravaggio’s performance period will end soon.”

『Yes, I enjoyed it enough, and I would like to participate again if I have the opportunity.』

“But I heard that the production company of XANA is talking about continuation…”

“is that so……. But we don’t want to stand out too much.”

For some reason, Teto doesn’t want to be active in the real world—or rather, he’s afraid of something.

“… Um, I’ve always wondered, why are you holding back from being so active? “If you’re going to participate in an event like this, I wonder if you want to stand out a little…”

“It doesn’t matter if the work itself stands out. …But I don’t want the creators to stand out.”

The dark voice and facial expression made the truth deeper.

“why……. If you become famous, life will be easier and you will be able to concentrate on creating your work, right? 』

“That’s… if the world turns around for the better. But it won’t be easy. There is always darkness. I want to avoid the creators being hurt by that darkness.』

“Are all of you still underage?”

“Some of them are like that, but… yeah. Mr. Rabbi, if you have time, would you please come to our atelier? “If you meet us in the real world, you’ll understand why.”

Being spotted straight on, Ravi feels his heart throbbing uncomfortably.

In my head, I knew it was best not to get involved with them anymore.

I had my hands full with my own job, but I have a feeling that I’m going to step into someone else’s life and shoulder something that I don’t have to shoulder.

But in my heart, is it okay? I have a question.

I want to know more about the people who can produce such wonderful work.

Although similar works are beginning to increase now, the first work I saw in Rabbi still remains strong and deep in my heart.

“……understand. Please email me your address

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