Reborn As A XANA Master

Yukki-san and Kana are vigilant in front of the door to the downstairs.

Botamochi-san and I put our ears to the entrance door of the boss room.

However, I can’t hear anything because it’s blocked by a thick door.

“Ah, the wolf dog has the hearing skill.”

Botamochi-san’s wolf dog seems to have a hearing skill.

When the skill is activated, it seems to be heard directly by the owner.

“Oh, I can hear it! The footsteps of quite a large number of people.”

It seems that someone has entered Oblo after all.

“Ah, it looks like the battle has started.”

“Me and Yukki-san had a tough fight after all…”

“We are the same. Is it a Union reinforcement?”

“Right now, only Liv-san and Yakisugi-san can move at the guild headquarters…”

“Damn! Buster Penguin’s attack.”

Botamochi-san said regretfully.

He probably lost his AI secretary too.

“That’s right. Jisho’s legs are hurt.”

“If that’s the case, I’m worried about headquarters too…”

“I fell asleep and luckily I was safe.”

“I see. If that’s the case, maybe another gilt…”

“Maybe so.”

“I hope you can manage to get here…”

After about thirty minutes, it was quiet.

It seems that the decision has been reached.

All that’s left now is to pray that the intruder is victorious and wait for the door to the boss room to open.

I’m guessing that the boss won’t regenerate and the door to the lower floor will be unlocked because Mr.Botamochi has already cleared it.

How long have you been waiting?

It was about an hour, I think, but it was around the time that everyone started to get worried that he might never come.

“I heard something”

Botamochi heard something.

Bo, bo, we are the Duck Adventure Group~♪

Courage RinRin, duck color~♪

Burning with hope, the color of a duck~♪

Is there such a thing as scary~♪

Bo, bo, we are the Duck Adventure Group~♪

“Captain Duck――!”

Botamochi-san shouted.

“Eh, are you Captain Duck?!”

“There is no doubt, the usual corps is singing.”

Oh, is that…

The procession of ducks has an impact that no one will forget once they see it.

He loves nature and animals, especially ducks.

She always wears a duck avatar custom-made for Liamun.

Of course, it goes without saying that the AIs are also wearing them.

The duck captain mainly makes a living by farm management.

They produce organic ingredients using duck farming, which is not duck farming, using AI.

Chemicals are a common way to get rid of weeds and pests on farms.

However, Captain Duck, who has a large number of AI secretaries, not only sends them to duels, but also manages the farm.

Duck avatars have pest control and weed control skills.

It is a farming method that can only be done because we have a lot of AI.

Of course, we are also particular about fertilizers, and instead of using chemical fertilizers, we use chicken manure from Mr. Liv’s poultry farm, so it is completely organic.

We also have a rental AI that dispatches duck teams to other farms.

Foods made with organic ingredients are traded at a high price because they are more effective with boost items.

But why is the missing Duck Captain here?


“Zentai stop!”

“It seems to have come to the front of this room. It stopped in front of the door.”

“Good. Now you can go downstairs.”

“Battle formation, first line, Katie, Avril, Rihanna!”

“Sir, yes!”

“Second row, Olivia, Sakura, Amaterasu!”

“Sir, yes!”

“Third row, Rebecca, ah… no, it’s me.”

“Sir, yes!”

“Prepare to attack—!”

“Prepare to attack—!”

Botamochi-san shouts.

That’s dangerous–!

“Watch out for friendly fire! Spread along the wall――”

“Captain, it’s not locked, push it open—”

“Okay, if the first line rushes in, the second line will immediately continue, Rebecca, don’t leave my side.”

“Sir, yes!”

“Okay, let’s go!”

Everyone sticks to the wall so as not to engage in a fight with the duck team.

The first line of ducks rushes in and prepares their shields.

The first row slowly moved forward, and the second row rushed into the boss room.

Then the AIs of the Duck Corps finally recognized us.

“Captain, the guild members are here――”


Captain Duck jumped in.

Look around the room.

“Botamochi-san, Yukki-san, and even Yoitaro-san――! Why are you here…”

No, that’s my line, but…

I told Captain Duck, who didn’t fully understand the current situation, about everything that had happened so far.

“By the way, Captain Duck, why are you here?”

I said what everyone wanted to hear.

“Oh, Ann said she wanted to go swimming, so we all came to the beach.”

“Did you have a boat?”

“Ah, this avatar that was custom-ordered by Mr. Liamun has a water line skill.”

“I see!”

That skill is good, I might be able to wear it on my swimsuit…

I wonder if I’ll make it for Himemi and the others…

No, it just crossed my mind for a second.

I don’t mean it in an erotic way… maybe.

“So, while we were playing, Anne disappeared.”

“Come to think of it, there’s one person missing… Ann-chan was from the third generation, right?”

Yeah, yeah. So we searched all the way to the other side of the island, but we couldn’t find it. But I couldn’t find it.”

“Oh, so to Oblo…”

“Yeah, Oblo will open tomorrow, so I put it off because I didn’t think I’d be able to enter.”

“That’s right”

“But when I came, I was able to get in, so Ann thought it might be possible.”

“I see, but…”

“Yeah, it’s not a place where you can be safe alone, so it might be wrong.”

“Isn’t it … Then go somewhere else”

“No, I don’t know. Either way, the Duck Squad will help capture Oblo!”

“That’s reassuring! But it’s pretty dangerous, is that okay?”

“Well, I haven’t met the Buster Penguin I heard about earlier, but I feel like this place is going to be good.”

“So far alone, the duck squad is strong, isn’t it?

“Well, so I have to find Ann, and I’m a union member, too.”

“Thank you, let’s get to Eve no matter what.”


With this, the Oblo capture party has become three units.

I feel like the possibility of capturing Oburo has suddenly increased.

As expected, the door to the downstairs was unlocked.

It was decided that the duck troop would take the lead.

The undisturbed cooperation forged by duck farming seems to be effective in the battle here.

I wonder if it can be said that it is exactly a duck strategy.

Even though there were many AIs against the hordes of monsters on the first underground floor, the Duck Corps alone hadn’t caused much damage.

The second group is the Yotaro party.

At the end of the line, there is a danger of regenerating the boss, so it’s a Botamochi Yukki party.

All units safely leave the boss room.



The door closed automatically and there was a sound like it was locked.

Perhaps the boss will regenerate.

I don’t know what will happen if I return to the boss room.

I don’t care about that now.

“Master, something is coming.”

Kaede, who was several meters ahead of us for reconnaissance, shouted.

“Everyone on alert—!”

“It’s okay, it’s Captain Duck’s pet squirrel.”

I thought I forgot to tell you if it was revealed properly.

Squirrels have stealth skills.

It’s usually invisible outside the party, but Kaede can see through it.

“Duck squad, everyone safely reached the 2nd floor. There are currently no enemies in the huge space—report.”

It seems that after the squirrel had finished communicating to Kaede, it headed for the Botamochi Yukki Party at the end of the line.

I also send my pet squirrel, Lizzy, out for scouting.

“Understood, Kaede.

When I arrived at the second floor, there was more space than I expected.

It looks like a huge circular space on par with the Tokyo Dome, but it’s dim and you can’t see well to the opposite wall.

“Wow, what is this place, it’s too huge――!”

“This is amazing…”

Yukki-san and Botamochi-san also arrived.

Look up.

Somehow, it looks like there is a ceiling there.

However, it was still dark and I could not get a sense of the distance.

It looks much higher than the passage on the first floor.

“Ah, Master…”

Mami tried to warn me, but it was too late.


“It hurts”

I tripped over something and fell.




Ah, I may have done something else…

(Written by Jiraiya / Edited by Achille)

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