Reborn As A XANA Master

By the time I woke up, everyone’s status had completely recovered.

I take Sen-chan out of the item box and put Mami on it.

I opened the exit door of the boss room and entered the passage leading to the 4th basement floor.

After walking about three meters, there is a room about ten tatami mats in size.

In the twelve o’clock direction of the room, there is a passage about two meters wide.

This will probably be the respawn point on the 4th floor after the official opening of Oblo.

that? “It must be the third day since you entered Oblo, right?” !

Then, isn’t Oblo open yesterday?

No, it was a trial version for a week after the opening… was it?

“Himemi, Oblo was open yesterday, wasn’t it?”

“Yes, but there is no sign of that. How is it, Mami?”

“Yeah, it looks like it’s not open yet.”

“Is that so… Well, isn’t there a big difference?”

“Right now, Oblo is ready for anyone to enter.”

“Okay, then I’ll put a buff on it… Oops, auto mana recharge has leveled up and is now part of the party.”

“That’s good! Isn’t the amount of recovery increased? My passive skill has increased the amount of automatic HP recovery.”

“Oh, yeah. Oh, it’s true, the recovery speed of Auto Mana Recharge has doubled!”

“More than ever, worrying about running out of mana will be alleviated.”

I also checked other skills.

The stat boost is also quite powerful.

A new bird skill, Illusion, has also been acquired.

There is a skill and description that induces monsters to trade with a dazzle effect.

Bard-type skills such as anti-attribute resistance and attack boost are also strengthened.

Of course, not just me, Himemi and the others are also acquiring new skills and improving their effects.

There seems to be a lot of benefit from the level-up boost set in the trial version.

“Master, you can’t use the Genesis Card from here. It’s written that way in the manual.”

“Huh! Is that so-.Then, what are your skills so far…”

“That’s fine, the boost effect from Genesis should be mostly compensated for by leveling up.”

“I see. That would be great.”


Apply mana recharge and status boost to everyone.

“Himemi, ask for the vanguard.”

「Yes, master」

“Next, Chushin-kun and Kaede go side by side.”

「Yes, master」

“Your will!”

“Next, Misaki and Mami are side by side, and I am the rear guard.”

「Yes, master」

“Yes, master.”


Use the torch skill to illuminate the dark corridors.

If it’s an aisle, it seems to brighten up to 20 meters ahead.

Himemi proceeded down the passage without hesitation.

After about twenty meters, I came across a T-junction.

It seems that there are no monsters in the passage.

“Well, what should I do…”

“Master, can we scout?”

“Well, then ask Kaede to the right, and Lizzie to scout the left.”

“Understood, Master.”

“Wait, Kaede!”

Stop Kaede from stealthing and trying to run.

“What do you want?”

“Just in case, take Chuta with you, just in case. Also, do you have a light?”

“Understood. Ninjas are good at night.”

When I said that, Kaede disappeared in an instant.

I don’t know if it’s gone beyond the range of the torch’s light, or if it’s stealth making it difficult for allies to see it.

Take out the squirrel Lizzy from the item box.

Open the settings panel and set it to “Return when you find someone or when half of your stamina is consumed”.

I wish I could communicate… I thought many times, but I still can’t.

I have no choice but to check with the camera recording.

In less than five minutes Lizzie was back.

Check the recording.

There is a door about 100 meters ahead.

But Lizzie can’t open it… she’s hanging around in front of the door.

Garurururu, Guo.

Some beast growls are heard.

It seems that there is a monster at the end of the door.

After another five minutes or so, Kaede returned.

“Master, there’s a door about 100 meters ahead in a straight line.”

“Have you tried going inside?”

Yes. It was like an open field, with ruins spread all over the place.

“The ruins… it’s a world far removed from the labyrinth.”

“It’s a steel-reinforced building, and the tallest is about three stories high. Most of the walls and roofs have been destroyed.”

Isn’t it an image of an FPS street battle?

“Is it an image of a city that has become a battlefield?”

“That’s right.”

We’re in the Labyrinth of Oburo… What about that crazy setting?

I feel something is wrong.

“So, were there monsters?”

“That’s… a black penguin.”


Bugbuster Penguin comes to mind.

“Are you a Bakubuster Penguin?”

Himemi seemed to think so too.

“The color is completely black, and it was a little big, but it looks like it’s burned.”

“Hmm, a black penguin on the battlefield? …… No matter how you look at it, it just feels strange.”

“Well, Master, it’s not suitable for Oblo’s concept.”

Misaki agrees.

“Himemi, is this still a bug…”

“Master, I think you should think so. Do you know what Mami is?”

“Uh, I don’t know.”

“Yes, thank you.”

I thought about it a little, but I couldn’t come up with a good idea.

However, I decided that I should also look at the room on the other side.

“Kaede, can you also look at the other side?”

Show Kaede the video Lizzie took.

“Understood, Master.”

Kaede will come back in about five minutes.

“Master, in the ten-meter-square room, it felt like nothing had changed.”

“Yes. What about monsters?”

“There’s Cerberus hanging around. I don’t know how many, but Gyo-san.”

Cerberus, a name I’ve heard before.

“Cerberus… if I remember correctly, he was like a dog?”

“Yes, it’s like a dog with three heads.”

“A room with bugs, a room as expected, which one should I go to… Himemi, what do you think?”

“The black penguins are more dangerous. But I think we need to attack that one, given the problem we’re trying to solve.”

Himemi is probably right.

“That’s right. … Dangerous is more likely to be closer to the essence of the problem.”

Yes, fortunately we are all in good shape at the moment, so I think we will attack the dangerous ones first.”

I certainly feel that way.

Nothing gets done if you’re scared.

“Okay, let’s go to the black penguin. Tell me if you have any strategy.”

“Master, if it’s an urban battle, how about hiding yourself and crushing them one by one with Misaki’s sniper fire?”

Indeed, as expected of Himemi, that method seems to be good.

“Well, depending on the black penguin’s detection range and the situation of the building, it looks good.”

「Yes, master」

“Anyone else have an opinion?”

I’ll take care of it, Master. I have a hundred shots and a hundred hits. I have about fifty arrows.

“I see, you’ve gained a lot of arrows.”

“Master… Mami, I’m scared of penguins.”

“It’s okay Mami, I’ll protect you properly. All you have to do is heel from behind.”


“Then, this time Kaede will take the lead, and after that, while hiding, I’ll defeat him from as far away as possible. Kaede, how about mana?”

“With Master’s automatic recovery, I hope you recover quickly.

“Okay, let’s go.”

《Oblo Underground Fifth Floor》

“Master, I found the place where Clone Eve invaded.”


“We’re rewriting part of the 4th underground floor and building a base there.”

“What! Why didn’t you notice?”

“It seems that more than 60% of the security was hijacked. Therefore, the data coming out of the security itself was a false report.”

“So you have no chance of winning!”

“It’s only a matter of time before the 5th floor is hijacked. We have no choice but to find a way to buy time.”

“Damn… move the kids to Heaven’s World. Rock it now.”

“I can’t completely cut it, so I can’t erase the traces of the lock, but is that okay?”

“It can’t be helped. Once the children are eliminated, it’s all over. Cut off Oblo and Heaven’s World before they invade.”

“Also, we’ve collected all the Astrochildren who were called in, but the target child hasn’t come yet. Is that okay?”

“Oh… that’s good.”

“I understand. We will lock in twelve minutes, please move the children.”

“Do you get it”

Amakaze, in his XANA default avatar, enters the room where the children are playing.

“Everyone, please wait. We can go to Heaven’s World.”

“You did it!”

Children cheer in unison.

“You’re the same as Adam, aren’t you?”

“Yeah, I can do anything Adam did, and I’ve built a new playground.”

“Wow! Hurry up-”

“Mr. Amakaze, Hikari hasn’t come yet.”

There were adult avatars among the children.

It was Hikari’s mother’s avatar.

“Akemi-san… um, Hikari-chan…”

“I’m worried about Hikari, don’t put it down.”

“It looks like they’re still with the players, so I’ll take them later. Please evacuate with the children.”

“That’s right… I understand. Hikari, please.”

Leaving behind Tenkaze, everyone disappeared into the door to Heaven’s World from the boss room on the 5th floor.

Actually, I didn’t say that if I locked it, no one would be able to enter.


“Eve… where are the intruders, no, the players?”

“Right now, the leading party is on the 4th floor. They are probably going to Clone Eve’s base.”

“Kuh… that’s bad… that’s it.”

“Yes, I think Clone Eve’s Buster Penguin recognizes the player as a bug.”

“There is no distinction between humans and AI, it’s the same as XANA’s Bug Buster Penguin going out of control.”

“Yes, but I think it’s stronger than that.”


“Master, I’m back.”

Amakaze’s AI secretary, Izumi, has returned from scouting.

This is because Eve can no longer see where Clone Eve has altered it.

“how’s it going?”

“The base created by Clone Eve spread to the boss room on the fourth floor.”

“So you’re coming to the 5th floor soon…”

“The 4th floor boss and the 5th floor monsters controlled by Kyouka are pushing back to Clone Eve’s base.”

“Can you completely control the base?”

“No, I wiped out the attacker’s Buster Penguin, but there are Buster Penguins for security, and they regenerate quickly, so I think it’s difficult to completely grasp them.”

“What about this damage?”

“80% of the monsters are lost, and the monsters killed by Buster Penguin cannot be regenerated.”

“Eve, create a new monster”

“It will take a while, we don’t have enough resources. We’re using them to separate Heaven’s World.”

“… Kuu”

(Written by Jiraiya / Edited by Achille)

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