Reborn As A XANA Master

“There is no door…”

This is an unexpected development.

Is it no longer possible to escape…?

“Kaede, did you search for it properly?  The location changed, or it was hidden…”

“Misaki-chan, that’s right. It’s impossible for us to miss it.”

“It must have been hidden.”

Himemi said.

“Well, it’s impossible for Kaede to miss the entrance. It means it’s gone.”

Just right, now I can’t escape.

I just have to make up my mind and move on.

With this, I won’t be labeled as a “coward”.

Anyway… I’ve never done a good deed before.

People die someday, and if they die the same way, Mami… no, it would be nice to be remembered as the man who gave up his life for Hikari-chan.

Wait, who’s going to tell me when they’re annihilated?

Oh well, that would be cool too…


“…… Mister?”

“Ah, what is it, Mr. Loyalty…”

“Don’t you think it’s too bad?”

“No, I’m sorry, I’m fine. I was just thinking about it.”

“Tadaomi-kun, I think Master was just thinking about the strategy.”

“Ah, this is something I did to you, but as expected of Himemi-dono.

“No, it’s okay…”

I can’t say that I was thinking about such a silly thing if at least I could leave my honor behind…

“So what?”

“I have something to ask you, Lord.”

“Okay, let me know.”

“Well then, let me tell you. I have acquired a skill called Shunpo and Izaru. Using this, it is possible to defeat the black penguins by stitching their shooting intervals.”

“Shunpo? Iai? Iai is an image of immediately drawing a sword and cutting… but what is Shunpo?”

“Your Majesty, let’s try it.”

“Yeah, do it.”

“Then let’s go.”

Tadaomi-kun holds the scabbard of the Uchikatana with his left hand, grasps the handle with his right hand, and takes a posture in which his right foot is stepped forward.



In the next moment, it had moved more than five meters ahead.


— Shush.


It looked as if the sword had been pulled out, but the next moment it was already in its scabbard and had moved five meters to the side.

“Wow, I couldn’t see it.”

Even the maple, which is the fastest medium-distance mover, seems to have moved surprisingly quickly for a short distance.

“It’s amazing, Mr. Loyalty. It might be faster than Kaede.”

Misaki said something unnecessary, so Kaede got a little bloated.

“Amazing, loyal retainer, cool!”

Mami’s eyes twinkle and she looks at me with respect.

“Master, this seems to work. I think we can use a tactic where Kaede draws attention and Chushin-kun cuts it.”

“I see…the rest is Iai’s offensive power. I wonder if it can be defeated in one blow…”

“Dono-dono, the numerical value of attack power is 85% of Misaki-dono’s double shot.”

“Well, it’s a delicate number. I need to try it once.”

“That’s right.”

“Okay, then line up with Kaede at the front. Move to the roof of the building in the direction of 12 o’clock. From here, make eye contact unless necessary. You don’t know where the black penguin is.”

Everyone nods silently.

Go down the outside stairs with the stealth maple in front.

After going down the stairs in the six o’clock direction, go around the building in the twelve o’clock direction.

There is a building next door across a small road.

Kaede stopped the formation with her hand.

I gave the signal, ‘Wait, I’m coming for reconnaissance.’

I can’t see the outside stairs, so Kaede goes around the perimeter of the building and comes back.

“Master, there is an outside staircase in the direction of twelve o’clock, and there is a black penguin nearby.”

“Understood. I’ll go around from the 3 o’clock direction. Take down that black penguin at 12 o’clock with Kaede and Chushin-kun.”

Kaede and Tadanobu-kun nodded and went ahead.

A little after that, I will move to the 3 o’clock direction of the building with me at the end.

If you look into the building from the 3 o’clock direction to the 12 o’clock direction, you can see a black penguin walking behind you.

Kaede slipped past that side and turned around in front of the black penguin.

Even if it approaches a few meters ahead, there is no sign that the stealth will be seen through.

Tadanobu sneaks up behind the black penguin.

Kaede momentarily breaks stealth, throws a kunai, and immediately returns to stealth.

Just as the black penguin was about to open its mouth wide, Chushin-kun approached from behind.


When the black penguin noticed and was about to turn around, Tadanobu-kun had slashed at him.

In the next moment when it looked as if the sword had been pulled out of its scabbard and slashed, it was already in its scabbard.

After the black penguin is slashed crosswise, it shatters into dust in the air and disappears.


I gave a fist pump in a low voice.

With this, Misaki and Tadanobu will be able to defeat him.

“Lord, it was necessary to slash twice.”

“Eh, did you just cut me twice?”

“If you just cut it up, you’ll have about 10% of your HP left, and you cut it down.”

“Is that so? No problem, it was so fast that I couldn’t see it.”

“Yes, I didn’t see it. I thought I just cut it once.”

It seems that he couldn’t even see Himemi.

‘Me too. I didn’t realize I had cut him down. That’s great Tadanobu, you’re too fast.”

“I feel embarrassed when I am praised not only by you, but by everyone.”

Unusually, Tadanobu’s face turned red and embarrassed.

“Master, Kaede is calling.”

Himemi noticed Kaede’s beckoning.

He is peeking at me from the rooftop and beckoning me.

It looks like they’ve already gone up to the roof and confirmed it.


《Oblo Development Company, Second Research Building》

“Chief, it seems another player has invaded.”

“Again? Damn it, it’s annoying! Why don’t you lock the door?”

“The entrance door is still under Eve’s control. Only intruders can’t get out.”

I want to take down the fifth underground level, but if there is one coming from behind, we will be caught in between. I can’t tell which side is attacking, so do something!

“The police penguins are easily killed. We need attacker penguins.”

“What happened to sending it to the duck?”

“I’m surrounded. But I’m still stubborn…”

“Send half, no, two-thirds to the new intruders, we’ve got our hands full with the wind.”

“Understood. I’ll send the attacker penguins.”


《Oblo Underground Fourth Floor》

When I went to the roof of the three-story building, I could see the room on the third floor through a part of the ceiling.

Kaede warned me not to fall.

Looking over the fence on the roof, I could see about five black penguins wandering about.

Since they are scattered at almost even intervals, it seems difficult to defeat them one by one without being noticed.

Perhaps this arrangement serves as security?

That means…

“Master, the more you go to the central building in the 9 o’clock direction, the more black penguins there are.”

Himemi seems to have thought the same thing.

The entrance is at 6 o’clock, and we are trying to proceed with the exit at 12 o’clock, but we should aim for the central building.

“Well, that place looks like the center of this hierarchy.”

“what should I do?”


If you look closely at twelve o’clock, you can see something that looks like a door, albeit vaguely, to the right.

“Misaki, is there a door that looks like an exit in the temporary direction?”

Misaki has a scope skill for shooting.

You can magnify and see distant targets like a scope.

Misaki carefully observed the direction through the fence so that the black penguins wouldn’t find her.

When I finished observing, I came over and brought my face closer.

I think it’s probably because I speak in a low voice…

“Yes Master, that’s probably the door.”

“If that’s the case, don’t hesitate… If you can get down to the 5th floor from there without dropping the center, I want to prioritize that.”

“Okay Master, then let’s aim for twelve o’clock first.”

This time, Himemi brought her face closer and spoke into my ear.

“Both of them… you can hear them even if you’re not that close…”

“Master, I’ve been observing the black penguins for some time now, and it seems like they’ve decided on a wandering route.”

“Eh, is that so?”

“Can I find a route? A route to meet Narutake Black Penguins”

“I see! That’s nice, Kaede, please!”

“Well, come on, you can’t get by with just mugyu anymore, Master.”

“More than a hug…”

That’s it, just imagining it makes my face turn red.

“Master, don’t you think it’s a bit naughty?”

Misaki glares.

“Kaede, stop talking nonsense anymore and just go.”

Himemi looks a little grumpy too.

“Honah, what a promise. Master.”

“I don’t promise—”

Kaede had disappeared before she could finish speaking.

“Really, that child will immediately demand a reward from the master!”

Himemi rarely complains.

“It’s true, Himemi-chan.”

“Hey hey daddy”

“… what is Mami?”

Even though he called me Papa, it was still hard to react.

“What’s more than that? Is it more fun than mugyu?”

“Ah, erm… what is it?”

“Mamitchi, that’s ki…”

“Misaki, don’t say anything unnecessary. It’s too early for Mami.”

No, I wonder if the answer I was trying to say is correct…

“Yes, I’m sorry, Himemi-chan.”

“Hey Papa”

“No, I’m sure you’ll understand when Mami grows up.”

Yeah, this is probably the correct answer as a dad.

“What is that?”

Mami pointed to the ceiling.

The ceiling is colored blue and looks like the sky, so the height is unknown.

“Hmm? What is it…”

Something was floating in the air.

“It’s a drone! Everyone lie down. Shoot down Misaki!”



Misaki immediately reacted and shot an arrow at what appeared to be a drone.

It hit perfectly, and the floating object turned to dust before falling onto the roof.

“It’s bad, it’s dangerous if you’re being monitored from the sky!”

“Your Majesty, look at that! A red formation is heading this way.”

When I looked in the direction that Chushin-kun was pointing, I saw a red mass heading toward me on the main street.

Compared to the penguins that wander around, they are smaller in size, and their walking speed is considerably faster.

“Master, red penguins move twice as fast and are half as big.”

Misaki confirmed it with a skill.

Misaki has a scope skill for sniping at long distances.

“Everyone is in a defensive posture. We will defend assuming that they will come up from the stairs. However, we may be able to fly, so be careful.”

“Master, what are you going to do about Kaede? Maybe you can’t see it from Kaede’s position.”

It seems that Himemi was chasing after Kaede.

“It looks like we won’t be in time to call him. Kaede will do something about it.”

“Yes, That’s right”

“Misaki, do you know the number and the distance?”

“About 120 meters to the front row, I think there are more than 50 bodies.”

“If you can reach the range, please reduce the number even a little.”

“Understood. It’s already within range.”

“Himemi, protect Misaki.”


Himemi stood up and held up her shield.

Misaki stood behind him and drew his bow.

–bread! bread! bread!

–bread! bread!


Misaki staggered and crouched at the moment she shot the arrow.

After confirming that, Himemi crouched down.

Before Misaki can shoot an arrow, she is shot by five roaming black penguins.

That one shot hit Misaki.

The black penguins must have already received the information about the drone.

“Are you okay, Misaki… and Himemi…”

“Yes, I only received one shot.”

“I’m sorry Misaki, I can’t defend with just the range of my shield.”

When I looked, both Misaki and Himemi had holes through their arms.

HP hasn’t decreased much.

“Two red penguins have disappeared.”

“Two! Did you aim for two with a double shot?”

“Yes Master, I tried it and it seems to have succeeded.”

“It’s efficient if you can defeat one with one shot. It means that the defense is lower than the black penguin.”

“I’ll try again, forty-eight more arrows.”

“Please, Misaki, Himemi.”

For a moment, I thought about black penguins first, but…

5 black penguins that regenerate immediately, a total of 10 regenerating once.

If you use two arrows at once, it will consume 20 arrows.

It’s pretty inefficient when you think about it.

「Yes, master」

Misaki prepares arrows for the next double shot.

“Let’s go, Misaki!”

“Anytime please–”

–bread! bread! bread! bread! bread!

This time, the black penguins seemed to have set their sights in advance and shot Himemi as soon as she stood up.


“Hit, two red penguins have disappeared.”

This time Himemi took all the bullets.

Some bullets pierce shields.

I have two more holes in my body.

I’m worried whether it’s okay to use Himemi as a shield.

By the time we buried about twelve red penguins, they were approaching a distance of about fifteen meters from the roof.

There is no sign of flying away.

Will it still come up from the outside stairs?

The black penguins are just patrolling specific locations.

There is no sign of approaching this building.

It seems that it will only shoot when it catches a target.

If the black penguin is a sniper type, the red penguin is a melee attack type…

I think we need to change our tactics.

“Himemi, are you okay?”

“Yes. Damage rate is 15%, no problem.”

HP can be recovered, so there’s no problem, but I’m worried about damage to the data area.

I really don’t want to lose Himemi.

Himemi is no longer indispensable to me.

“Change tactics. We will intercept the red penguins that have come under the building.”

“What about black penguins?”

Misaki asks.

“Leave the black penguins alone for the time being. Move them closer to the center where the line of fire doesn’t pass. But make sure they don’t fall into the holes. Himemi is near the stairs.”

“Yes, master.

Himemi braced herself in front of the stairs leading to the roof.

“Mami, take refuge by the fence in the 4 o’clock direction.”

“Yes, Papa”

Mami immediately moved to the corner of the fence in the 4 o’clock direction with Sen-chan as she was told.

“Mami, do you have any useful attack skills?”

I know that Cleric Mami doesn’t have attack skills, but I ask.

“Yeah… now you can use sleep.”

“Is it a skill that puts me to sleep?”

“Yeah, 50% success rate, 15% if you’re resistant.”

It looks like it could be quite useful…

“Okay. When the red penguin comes up here, use it if you have the chance.”

“Yes, Papa”

“Tadaomi-kun, go around behind Himemi and attack the guy who comes up.”

“Imperial intention—”

“Misaki moves with me to the side of the wall in the temporary direction and attacks the guy who climbs the stairs.”

「Yes, master」

Listen, everyone be very careful not to get into the line of fire of the black penguins. Don’t stand up unnecessarily. Keep as low as you can.”

The head of the red penguin reached the wall of the building.

When I looked down, dozens of bodies who noticed it turned their heads and opened their mouths.


I panic and hide myself.

Bang bang bang, bang bang bang.

Bang bang bang, bang bang bang.

Bang bang bang, bang bang bang.

Bang bang bang, bang bang bang.

Like a machine gun, five or six bullets were continuously fired from each.

If you start shooting in a group, it will be a great number.

Burr-bari-bari, and into the fence on the roof.

“No way, these guys are shooting continuously!”

It’s bad, if these guys come up to the roof, I can’t stand it.

“Master, I’ll be your shield, so attack while you’re at it.”

“No, if you keep shooting like this, even Himemi won’t last long.”

“Master, how about shooting flame bullets directly above in shot mode?”

Misaki said while looking up at the sky.

“Shotgun… well, if the ceiling here is high, there’s a possibility that you can hit it at an angle and drop it near the stairs.”

“That’s a great idea, Misaki.”

“Ahem, as expected of me. Then everyone, please stay away from the wall near the stairs. It’s a shotgun, so you don’t know where it will fall.”

Everyone retreats to Mami.

“Then, let’s shoot! Flame bullet, shot mode!”


Misaki held her bow almost straight up and shot an arrow into the sky.

Dissolves into the sky and becomes almost invisible.

I don’t think it’s stuck in the ceiling… it’s not.

“Don’t fall down…”

“It’s okay, I’ll be down soon.”

Misaki seems to be able to see it.

“I’m coming, please lie down!”


Sparks fell with the sound of rain.

Falling over the fence on the roof in the twelve o’clock direction.

Some fell on the roof, but only a few.

“Okay, let’s go! Himemi, Misaki, let’s go.”

As intended, it looks like it fell on the red penguins that had gathered near the stairs.

“I will peek”

Controlling me, Misaki peers down.

“I haven’t beaten it, but it’s stopped moving. This is my chance!”


“Double shot!”

I activate the skill Illusion that I just acquired.

Then Misaki shoots a bow.

The scurrying red penguins fall into a daze before they can fight back.

Misaki’s double shot slaughtered two red penguins trying to climb the stairs.

Bang bang bang, bang bang bang.

Bang bang bang, bang bang bang.

Bang bang bang, bang bang bang.

Bang bang bang, bang bang bang.

Four or five dazzled red penguins began shooting indiscriminately.

“Ugh, I got hit–”

(Written by Jiraiya / Edited by Achille)

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