Tadachiyo Osada, Formerly of Mitsubishi UFJ Bank, Has Assumed an Advisory of “XANA: JAPAN.”

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A New Chapter in XANA’s Journey

In a significant move for the XANA project, Tadachiyo Osada, former executive officer at Mitsubishi UFJ Bank, has taken on an advisory role at XANA JAPAN. This marks a strategic step towards expanding XANA’s reach and influence within Japan, leveraging Mr. Osada’s vast experience in finance, business, and venture sectors.

Mr. Osada’s Illustrious Career

Mr. Osada’s career at Mitsubishi UFJ Bank, one of Japan’s leading financial institutions, has been marked by ascending roles, culminating in positions of Executive Managing Director and Representative Director. His experience extends beyond finance, with roles at Tokyu Corporation and as an adjunct professor at Fujita Medical University. He is also deeply involved in the venture and startup sectors, promoting growth and development.

XANA’s Vision

XANA is a trailblazing project that combines the power of blockchain and AI to create an advanced metaverse platform. Originating from Japan, XANA aims to globalize content like anime and establish itself as a leader in the Web 3.0 metaverse, distinguished by its user base, creator community, economic sphere, and market capitalization.

Tadachiyo Osada’s Vision and Support for XANA

Embracing Blockchain and AI

With a keen interest in blockchain from its inception and an active role in the Metaverse Promotion Council, Mr. Osada recognizes the boundless potential of the metaverse. His involvement in AI generation, as seen with Chat GPT, further aligns with XANA’s vision of integrating these cutting-edge technologies.

A Fan of Science Fiction and the Metaverse Concept

As a science fiction enthusiast, Mr. Osada sees parallels between the genre’s concept of the “multiverse” and the burgeoning metaverse. He envisions the metaverse as an expansive realm, enriching life experiences and expanding the world’s economic scale.

The Economic Impact of the Metaverse

Mr. Osada forecasts the metaverse’s significant impact on the global economy, projecting a $3 trillion contribution to global GDP by 2031. XANA’s position as a frontrunner in this sector creates numerous opportunities for revenue generation, including land and NFT sales within the metaverse.

Tadachiyo Osada’s Profile:

Mr. Osada’s Profile

  • 1980: Joined Mitsubishi Bank Co., Ltd. (now Mitsubishi UFJ Bank)
  • 2006: Ascended to Executive Officer at Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank (now Mitsubishi UFJ Bank)
  • 2010-2014: Held roles as Executive Managing Director and Representative Director
  • 2015: Became Full-time Auditor at Tokyu Corporation
  • 2020: Chairman at Bankers Holdings Co., Ltd. (now Advisor)
  • 2023: Appointed Advisor at BACKSTAGE Co., Ltd.
  • Numerous other influential roles across various sectors

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