Toyota Home Aichi and XANA Revolutionize Home Design with AI Metaverse Showroom

XANA, an AI-powered Web3.0 metaverse led by CEO XANARIO, and Toyota Home Aichi Co., Ltd., a housing manufacturer based in Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture, and led by President Fumiaki Kato, have jointly developed and launched the AI metaverse space “D+ Infinity Labo.” This collaboration merges the expertise of both companies to provide an innovative future home building experience using advanced AI and metaverse technologies.

This partnership aims to create a groundbreaking showroom that showcases the potential of modern technology in home design and construction, offering customers an immersive and futuristic experience.

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About the AI Metaverse Space “D+ Infinity Labo”

“D+ Infinity Labo”: An AI Metaverse Space for Realistic Home Building Simulation

“D+ Infinity Labo” is a next-generation AI metaverse space that allows users to simulate and experience the process of creating their ideal home. It provides a realistic environment where users can explore various aspects of home building to find the most comfortable and optimal living solutions.

Main Areas and Features:

  • Influencer Live Area: Experts conduct live broadcasts, sharing new perspectives on home living.
  • Housing Expert Consultation Area: Receive professional advice on concerns and issues related to home building.
  • Property Search Area: Search for carefully selected land within the metaverse from a home-building perspective.
  • Manufacturing and Construction Tour Area: Discover the secrets of high-quality construction, including material production, strength testing, and full-scale earthquake resistance experiments.
  • Staff Introduction Area: Find your ideal partner staff from preferred building case studies.

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Popular Mascot “Ailin” Transforms into AI Avatar “XANA:Genesis”

Toyota Home Aichi’s beloved mascot “Ailin” has been reborn as the futuristic AI avatar “XANA:Genesis” utilizing XANA’s advanced AI technology. XANA:Genesis assists users by navigating and guiding them within the AI metaverse space, answering home building questions, and providing information related to housing.

Toyota Home Aichi Official X: Toyota Home Aichi on X

Exploring New Possibilities in Metaverse and User Experience

This collaboration between XANA and Toyota Home Aichi opens new possibilities for the metaverse and user experience. The AI metaverse space “D+ Infinity Labo” offers a unique platform for gathering information and communication, creating new values and perspectives on home building.

Future Developments

XANA and Toyota Home Aichi will continue to enhance the functions and content of the AI metaverse space, aiming to provide an even more enriched user experience.

About Toyota Home Aichi

Toyota Home Aichi

Toyota Home Aichi is a housing manufacturer primarily operating in Aichi Prefecture and Nagoya City. The company provides various housing services including built-for-sale homes, custom homes, land offerings, second-hand homes (both houses and condominiums), and home renovation services. The company’s strength lies in applying Toyota’s high-quality standards to housing, ensuring safety and peace of mind for its customers. Numerous building examples are showcased on social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube, as well as on the official website through virtual room tours.

Toyota Home Aichi Original Brand “D+ (D-Plus)” Striving Beyond Home Building to Inspire Hearts

Toyota Home Aichi values not just building houses but realizing the dreams of their customers. The aim is to provide not just quality homes but to create spaces that transform everyday life into something special. The “D+” brand leverages Toyota Home’s technology and performance to the fullest extent, optimizing layouts, designs, and construction techniques to offer premium services that fulfill customers’ dreams. This commitment has made Toyota Home Aichi one of the highest-selling dealerships within the Toyota Home network.

Number of Owners: 22,919 (as of April 8, 2024)

For more information, visit the Toyota Home Aichi website: Toyota Home Aichi


XANA is the leading Web3.0 Metaverse in Japan and ranks third globally, utilizing AI technology. It offers a virtual world where anyone can easily create avatars, spaces, and games, and engage in buying and selling assets. XANA provides an alternative reality where individuals can achieve self-actualization and become their ideal selves. The platform has already been adopted in over 100 cases across various sectors including listed companies, local governments, and educational institutions.

Main Applications and Achievements:

  • Virtualization of the Koto Heartful Museum in Koto Ward, Tokyo, for the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics.
  • Adoption by China’s Central Academy of Fine Arts International School for Web3.0 classes.
  • Creation of a virtual human for the Unicorn Fashion Award at Milan Fashion Week.
  • Establishment of a Metaverse division in Tottori Prefecture with XANA, including the formal employment of AI avatar staff.
  • Acquisition of XANA land by J&J Business Creation, a joint venture between JTB and JCB, for Metaverse development.
  • Acquisition of XANA land by three Fujisankei Group companies for Metaverse expansion.
  • Metaverse development and NFT game conversion of the popular Fuji TV show “Run for Money” on XANA.
  • Land acquisition by Noritake Kinashi on XANA Metaverse for an art exhibition.
  • Simultaneous real and virtual release of Metaverse avatar T-shirts by Calbee and Sumo, available at AEON stores nationwide.
  • Metaverse collaboration with the martial arts entertainment “BreakingDown.”
  • Metaverse NFT conversion and Web3.0 game development for ULTRAMAN (20,000 NFTs sold out in 10 seconds).
  • Metaverse NFT conversion and Web3.0 game development for “Astro Boy” (25,000 NFTs sold out on pre-order).
  • Immediate sell-out of XANA Metaverse land, generating 600 million yen within a few hours.
  • Implementation of XANA’s proprietary public blockchain “XANA Chain” by three of the world’s leading exchanges.

For the latest updates and to connect with XANA:


XANARIO is an entrepreneur and entertainment producer originally from Nara Prefecture, Japan. After living in Los Angeles, Beijing, and Indonesia, he currently resides in Dubai. He began his career with an artist contract with Avex, handling renowned songs for Initial D, TRF, and others before becoming an independent entrepreneur. XANARIO produced fashion shows at the X Japan Tokyo Dome and Taiwan Stadium, as well as shows for New York Fashion Week, before forming a DJ group with members from Japan, Korea, and China. He provided music for Chinese TV programs and films and conducted a world tour that spanned over 200 cities. He has also performed at major festivals like Summer Sonic Shanghai. Inspired by his encounters with blockchain and virtual reality, he incorporated his group and developed XANA. In 2022, he successfully listed on the top five global exchanges. Currently, he leads an organization with over 120 employees across seven global locations. XANARIO is trilingual in Japanese, Chinese, and English. He has received accolades including third place at the CES 2024 Web3.0 Pitch Competition, winner of the ICC Startup Catapult 2023, the Tokyo Dome EnXross award, and finalist at the Tokyo Venture Companies Championship 2024.

XANA SUMMIT 2024 – Call for Exhibitors and Speakers

XANA is planning to host “XANA SUMMIT 2024,” an expo focusing on AI, Web3.0, the Metaverse, and DAOs, in the Metaverse in July 2024. This unprecedented event will bring together leading DAOs and companies to co-create unique pavilions in the Metaverse, attracting tens of thousands of participants.

For more details about the XANA SUMMIT, please visit: https://xana.net/blog/xana-summit-2024-the-future-of-ai-web3-0-and-metaverse-unveiled/

Call for Exhibitors

XANA SUMMIT is currently seeking companies interested in exhibiting at the Metaverse venue. If your company is interested, please inquire using the form below: Exhibitor Application Form

Call for Speakers

If you are interested in speaking at the event, please contact us using the form below: Speaker Application Form

Pre-registration for Participants

If you are considering participating in the event, please pre-register using the form below: Pre-Registration Form


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