“TOYOTA HOME AICHI to Exhibit at Cutting-Edge Tech and Entertainment Festival, XANA SUMMIT 2024!”

XANA (CEO: XANARIO), the AI x Web3.0 metaverse, has announced that “TOYOTA HOME AICHI.” will be exhibiting at “XANA SUMMIT 2024,” a next-generation festival where cutting-edge projects, companies, DAOs, celebrities, artists, creators, and communities will gather in the metaverse for two weeks.

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The reason we are participating in XANA SUMMIT 2024 is to let more people know about our initiatives in the metaverse.
By exploring the possibilities of future home sales using the latest AI technology, we aim to provide our customers with an entirely new experience.
The metaverse is an innovative platform that transcends the limitations of location and time, allowing us to connect with a diverse range of users.
Through this event, we see an excellent opportunity to directly showcase our technology and vision, and to gather valuable feedback. We look forward to this exciting challenge and the possibilities it holds, and we hope to have a fulfilling experience.


TOYOTA HOME AICHI Co., Ltd. was established in 1969 as a member of the Toyota Group.
Upholding the brand vision of “Living Together…,” we aim to provide high-quality housing and achieve No. 1 customer satisfaction through advanced technology.
Notably, we offer a 60-year long-term warranty, ensuring peace of mind and satisfaction.
As a member of the AT Group, we operate mainly in Aichi Prefecture and develop our original brand “D+.” “D+” realizes value propositions that other companies cannot imitate through individual hearings conducted by dedicated designers. The “D” in the logo stands for “Dream,” symbolizing our value proposition.

XANA SUMMIT 2024 Event Overview

Official Websitehttps://xana.net/XANASUMMIT
VenueXANA Metaverse
DatesScheduled for mid-September 2024

We will be announcing participating projects, companies, celebrities, creators, and communities through our media and SNS.

Official SNS:
XANA Official Website: https://xana.net/jp/
X (Global): https://x.com/XANAMetaverse
X (Japanese): https://x.com/XANAMetaversejp
X (XANARIO): https://x.com/XANARIO_jp

XANA SUMMIT 2024 is an event aimed at conveying the cutting-edge technologies that shape our future, such as Web3.0, AI, the metaverse, and space, to a wider audience through entertainment. Leading DAOs and companies from various fields will co-create unique pavilions in the metaverse, centered around the digital native generation.

Additionally, the event will feature a festival venue providing unprecedented experiences, filled with top-notch entertainment elements, attracting tens of thousands of participants.

The event will include various activities such as virtual booth exhibitions, talk sessions, panel discussions, presentations, and festivals in the metaverse.

Global speakers will share the latest knowledge and topics, and there will be performances and shows by artists, as well as participation from many exhibitors.

Interactive experiences in the metaverse will be provided through booths where companies and creators can showcase their latest products and services.

There will also be matchmaking areas for participants to connect with each other and with exhibitors, as well as dedicated spaces for direct business negotiations, creating new business opportunities and networking possibilities.

Various participation methods will be available to ensure that people from all walks of life can have the best experience, creating a festival that offers unique and memorable experiences for each participant.

XANA SUMMIT 2024 – Call for Exhibitors and Speakers

XANA SUMMIT is currently seeking “exhibitors,” “speakers,” and “pre-registrations.”

We are looking for companies interested in exhibiting in the metaverse venue.
If you are interested, please contact us using the form below:
Exhibitor Application Form: https://forms.gle/JW2RScwHcSijScLc7

We are also seeking speakers for the event.
If you are interested in speaking, please apply using the form below:
Speaker Application Form: https://t.co/UyIC8ZBAj9

If you are considering participating in the event, please pre-register.
If you are interested in attending, please apply using the form below:
Pre-registration Form: https://forms.gle/fbFzgUhFWZzqt9SGA

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