Ultimate Duelist Championship: NFTDUEL Tournament (1st) Coming Soon!


April 22nd (Mon) 12:00 to April 25th (Thu) 12:00 (UTC) Preliminary League
April 26th (Fri) Announcement of the Best 16 Qualifiers & Tournament Bracket
April 27th (Sat) Best 16 Matches (Time to be coordinated between opponents)
April 28th (Sun) 9:00 – 12:00 (UTC) Best8, Best4, Final

Tournament Details

  • The top 16 participants based on the final results of the Preliminary League (3 days) will advance to the final tournament. In case there are individuals who cannot be contacted or are unable to participate in the tournament, replacements will be made based on rankings.
  • Those selected for the Best 16 will have a dedicated room set up for them on XANA Discord. Please use that space for information confirmation and coordination.
  • Please report the results of your matches from the Best 16 by April 27th (Sat) at 24:00 to the designated channel on Discord.
  • From the Best 16 onwards, please conduct battles in Free Match mode to avoid matching with other participants. Since the mode and deck are different from League Mode, please create a separate deck for Free Match.
  • Matches from the Best 8 onwards will be livestreamed. You will receive a streaming URL from the organizers, so please share your screen at the scheduled time. Details will be shared in the Best 16 room. (Instructions will be provided on Discord on April 28th at 16:00, so participants in the Best 8, please join Discord.)
  • The matches will take place on April 28th (Sunday) between 18:00 and 21:00 (Japan Time). Participants unable to attend will be considered forfeit.


To participate in the matches, you will need to download the latest version of the app.

◆ Windows: https://bit.ly/duelwin

◆ Mac: https://bit.ly/duelmac

◆ Android: https://bit.ly/NFTDUELAndroid

◆ iOS: https://bit.ly/duelmac


The top 8 participants will receive rewards. (Reward details are under consideration.)

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