ULTRAMAN NFT Integration into the XANA Metaverse: A New Virtual Experience

Welcome to the exciting world of ULTRAMAN NFTs, soon to be integrated into the XANA metaverse. With ULTRAMAN’s global popularity and the innovative capabilities of XANA, this collaboration is set to redefine virtual experiences.

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NFTs Becoming More Mainstream

NFTs have seen a significant rise, especially with their integration into metaverses. They have revolutionized the concept of digital asset ownership, bringing liquidity and real-world value to digital items.


XANALIA, a leading NFT marketplace, will feature ULTRAMAN NFTs usable in NFTDUEL – XANA’s GameFi experience. Here’s what to expect:

  • First edition genesis cards, launching in stages between January and March 2022.
  • Estimated price of 0.8 ETH for each card.
  • Limited edition 3D animated cards with unique in-game rewards.
  • Various offers and benefits, including priority booking, exclusive access, and VIP participation rights.

ULTRAMAN NFTs in the XANA Metaverse

ULTRAMAN NFTs will make a grand entrance into the XANA metaverse. Key highlights:

  • Transform your avatar into ULTRAMAN by equipping ULTRAMAN skins.
  • Realistic and distinctive wearable assets to make your avatar stand out.
  • Different ULTRAMAN NFT variations offer unique appearances for avatars.

XANALIA – The Official Marketplace for ULTRAMAN NFT

XANALIA, the official marketplace for ULTRAMAN NFTs, offers:

  • Multiple cryptocurrency and credit card payment options.
  • Compatibility with Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon networks.
  • Seamless integration of NFTs from XANALIA to XANA.

An Exciting Future Awaits You

Get ready for a thrilling virtual journey:

  • First NFT: ULTRAMAN NFTDUEL card, usable in the NFTDUEL card game.
  • Second NFT: Metaverse Avatar NFT, transformable into a superhero in XANA’s virtual world.
  • Stay updated with the upcoming season of ULTRAMAN and NFT releases.

With the imminent launch of ULTRAMAN’s second season and the forthcoming NFT drops, the excitement is palpable. Be part of this global phenomenon and dive into the next-gen metaverse. Keep an eye on our official website and Twitter account for more updates.

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Table of contents