Update on XANA / XANALIA App and Instructions for Accessing the Metaverse Meetup Event

The alpha version of the XANA Metaverse App, intended for public testing, has successfully passed Apple’s review and is set to be available for download by March 26. However, we’re facing challenges with Apple’s approval of the XANALIA App, which is crucial for XANALIA wallet users to access the XANA Metaverse App. Despite ongoing discussions with Apple for over a week, we have not yet secured their approval.

Last year, Apple declared its intention to move away from exclusive billing methods, allowing alternatives to in-app purchases. Currently, Apple seems to be insisting on implementing in-app billing for our app. It’s important to note that in-app payments aren’t obligatory for peer-to-peer platforms like Uber and Airbnb, which adds to our confusion regarding this delay in app approval.

We have made it clear in our communications with Apple that our platform does not directly sell NFTs like the VeVe App. Instead, we operate a peer-to-peer marketplace akin to the OpenSea App, which was approved without issues despite having a similar structure to ours. (It’s worth mentioning that our respect and admiration for Apple remains unchanged!)

Despite the challenges posed by Apple’s current policy, we are mindful of our users, particularly those eager to participate in the event scheduled for the 27th in the Metaverse. To ensure the event proceeds as planned, we have developed multiple backup strategies.

Please pay close attention to the following details.

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1. Online Meetings

Online meetings via video call will take place as original plan.

The live streaming service has been changed from YouTube to Zoom for best results after various tests.The following is how to join the meeting.
We will add a field on your XANALIA profile page by tomorrow for you to enter the email address of your Zoom account. If you put your information in the field and save it, you will be able to join the online meeting on the same day with this login information.

When the time comes, please log in with the Zoom account (email address) you have added to your XANALIA profile page.
Please note that you will not be able to participate in the meeting if you log in with an account other than the Zoom account (email address) you have added to your XANALIA profile.

The Zoom URL for the event is here.


Users who have purchased tickets and have followed the above instructions without fail but still receive a message indicating that they do not have access privileges, please contact the xanalia.com support chat.

2, Regarding Metaverse Live Viewing: Credit Card Users (Non-Crypto Users)

XANA can be downloaded from the Apple Store; once XANA is installed, please log in using your XANALIA account information. There will be no change to this flow for credit card users.

3, Regarding Metaverse Live Viewing: Wallet Users (Crypto Users)

Wallet users have two emergency login methods. Due to the emergency, we assume that one of them may not work properly.

Method A

In order to allow wallet users to enter XANA without the XANALIA APP (wallet), we will urgently add an email and password entry field to the XANALIA profile screen today to log into XANA. Once this feature is implemented, we will send out the information again on Discord and Telegram, so please fill in the fields.

Method B

As a precaution, we have prepared a direct download path in a hurry.
You can download and install directly from the following URL The drawback of not going through the store is that the app is not automatically updated, so you will need to update it manually, and you will need to press a button during installation that says “Allow installation of apps from outside the store.

The XANALIA Mobile App download URL is here.

iOS : (We will update to here soon)

Android :  (We will update to here soon)

4. Regarding the metaverse archive

To ensure that users who have trouble connecting on the day of the event for whatever reason, We support archived broadcasts n XANA Metaverse. Users with ticket NFTs can rest assured that they can freely enter the venue and watch the broadcast whenever the archive is ready.

The archive will not be scheduled on Zoom and will only be available at the XANA Metaverse venue.

Please note that both Apps are still in v1 of the alpha version.
This release aims to exchange ideas with the community and build it together. There are many things to be improved, such as bugs, app crashes, and UIUX when used by many people in various ways in various environments. The more we listen to your feedback and make revisions, the faster we will be able to complete the app, so please be aware of the purpose of the alpha version and give the app a try. Users who want to use the app out of the box should not download the alpha version but wait for the beta version after many improvements have been made.

5. XANA Download guide (updated 03/27)

To continue from above article, Here is quick update of How to download as of now.

1: Apple Store = https://apps.apple.com/en/app/xana/id1524283847
2: Direct download = in preparation

Note: The login feature for wallet users described in the previous blog is not included in 1. Tachibana Fan Meetings and the Alpha Pass feature to be released next week are only supported in 2 as of today. 1 is still awaiting app store approval for the new version.

1: Play store = Store application submitted. Awaiting approval.
2: Direct download = https://we.tl/t-KvJ9Iy1emM

Note: 2 is not an official store download method and you may get a pop-up message to accept that and install.

1: Supported models: iPhone

– iPhone11 or higher, iOS14 or higher, 4GB HDD Space
– Android, PC, and VR will be released later.
*UI may be corrupted or short-circuited on devices other than the supported types.

2: Number of simultaneous connections

Up to 15 people in one world

3: Currently known problems

– Loading time to the world may be a little long.
– The application may be forced to short-circuit if the number of simultaneous connections is exceeded.
– SNS and some other functions are limited and will be released with each update.
– Please use mobile devices in an environment with good communication, such as Wi-Fi, due to their large capacity.
(3DGC may not load or operate properly.)
– If the application does not work properly depending on the supported models, versions, or environment, please uninstall the application and try reinstalling it.

4: Future plans
Starting next week, we will gradually open up the Alpha Pass functionality.

XANA Metaverse App (Alpha Version)

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Join the XANA community today and be a part of the leading Metaverse experience. Whether you’re trading NFTs or exploring the digital world, XANA offers an immersive and innovative platform for all your virtual needs.

Thanks again for your strong support!

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