Weekly Development Update | 10 February – 16 February

Weekly Development Update

Week of Remarkable Achievements.

As the team continues to shine, they’ve managed to outdo themselves once again. The XANA Development team has made some big leaps forward this week, boosting XANA’s reputation as a leader in the world of Web 3.

Let’s look at the highlights from our different teams over the past week.

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Key Highlights:

  1. Wallet Connection – Smoothing the Path: We’ve noticed some adventurers have encountered a hitch where the loader got stuck during wallet connections. Our tech wizards have pinpointed the issue and are weaving their magic to ensure a smooth and secure connection process. Soon, linking your wallet will be as seamless as stepping into your favorite word.
  2. World Exploration – Uninterrupted Discoveries: A few of you reported that worlds seem to vanish as you scroll down, eager to uncover more of what XANA offers. Our developers aim to ensure that every world remains visible and accessible, no matter how far you scroll. We’re implementing fixes to keep the wonders of XANA at your fingertips.
  3. Enhanced Search Functionality – Finding Your Worlds: In the universe of XANA, finding worlds should be an adventure, not a challenge. We’ve taken note of issues with the world’s search functionality and are refining the system to make discovering new experiences smoother and more intuitive. Your next favorite world will soon be just a search away.
  4. Tag Slider – Seamless Navigation: The tag slider is your compass in the XANA Metaverse, guiding you to worlds that match your interests. We’re aware of a glitch causing navigation troubles and are diligently working to ensure that the tag slider is as responsive and accurate as ever. Navigating XANA’s diverse worlds will be easier than ever.
  5. Friend 2.0 – V2: A New Era of Connection: Friendship in the metaverse and we are evolving. With Friend 2.0 – V2, get ready to connect with your metaverse companions like never before. This feature introduces enhanced social interaction tools and deeper connection capabilities, making every interaction more meaningful. Whether you’re embarking on adventures together or just hanging out, Friend 2.0 – V2 makes every moment with your friends memorable.
  6. New Avatar Integration: Express Yourself: Your avatar is your identity in the metaverse, and we’re bringing you more ways to express your unique self. The New Avatar Integration feature in XANA 2.0 allows for unprecedented customization, from appearance to animations. Dive into a world of creativity and let your avatar genuinely represent who you are or aspire to be in the XANA universe.
  7. World Detail 2.0 – V2: Immersive Exploration: Exploration is at the heart of the XANA experience, and with World Detail 2.0 – V2, we’re enhancing every aspect of your journey. Discover worlds with richer details, more interactive elements, and dynamic environments that respond to your presence. Each world in XANA is a unique story waiting to be uncovered, and we’re ensuring your exploration is as immersive as possible.

XANA Browser

Key Highlights:

  1. Navigating the Depths – Terrain Underwater Issue in XANA Festival: Our explorers discovered some of our terrain and decided to swim in the XANA Festival area. While underwater adventures are thrilling, we understand the importance of keeping the festival grounds dry and accessible. Our dedicated team is deploying a solution to bring the terrain back above water, ensuring your festival experience is immersive and dry. Expect to dance, interact, and celebrate without needing a virtual snorkel.
  2. Enhancing Usability – Setting Screen UI Issues: A seamless experience is key to fully enjoying the XANA Metaverse, and the setting screen is your control panel for personalizing this journey. We’ve identified a few quirks affecting the user interface of our setting screen, from sliders that slide a bit too eagerly to buttons playing hide and seek. Our UI/UX magicians are on the case, redesigning and refining the setting screen to ensure your customization experience is intuitive, effective, and, most importantly, frustration-free.

XANA Builder

Key Highlights:

  1. Clearing the View: Correcting the NFT Listing Screen Placeholder: We’ve noticed an oversight where the wrong placeholder text made itself at home in the NFT listing screen—a small detail, yet crucial for clarity and ease of use. Our team is on the task of ensuring that the right cues are in place to guide you seamlessly through listing your NFTs.
  2. Missing Worlds: Ensuring Listed Worlds Are Displayed: A world created should be a world seen. Some of you have reported that your listed worlds are playing a game of hide and seek. Unacceptable. We’re diving into the issue to ensure that every world you create, and the list is proudly displayed for exploration and admiration.
  3. Reflecting Transfers: Making Sure Transferred NFTs Show Up: Transferring NFTs should be as satisfying as handing over a gift. However, we’ve encountered a hiccup where transferred NFTs aren’t reflecting as they should. Rest assured. We’re implementing fixes to ensure every transfer is noted and visible, just as it should be.
  4. Smoothing the Scroll: Fixing the NFT Listing Screen Scroller: The journey through your NFT listings should be a smooth scroll, not a hurdle race. We’re addressing a pesky scroller issue on the NFT Listing screen to ensure that navigating through your creations is a breeze.


Key Highlights:

  1. One-on-One Chat Enhancements: We’ve made significant progress on refining the one-on-one chat feature. Some issues were flagged by SQA, and our team is on the task, ensuring a seamless and engaging chat experience for all users.
  2. Deployment on Production: We’ve adopted a strategy of frequent implementations, allowing us to address issues and implement fixes in real-time rapidly. Most notably, Cycle 32 enhancements and Universal search for XANA LP have been successfully deployed.

Next Week Focus

  1. Streamlining Payments: Integration with Stripe for payment processing is on the horizon, signifying our commitment to providing secure and convenient transactions within the XANA Web.
  2. UI/UX Updates and New Features: The upcoming sprint is brimming with potential, focusing on UI/UX updates that promise to refine and elevate your web flow. Additionally, we’re excited about developing new features for the mobile app, enhancing accessibility and engagement.


Key Highlights:

  1. Christmas Gift Distribution: We have successfully distributed Christmas gifts.
  2. SQA Hotfixes – Smooth Sailing Ahead: Our vigilant SQA team has identified several hotfixes, which have been swiftly addressed and are now pass the testing phase, ready to be implemented live.

Next Week Focus

  1. User Profile and Pagination Fixes: Essential hotfixes for an enhanced user interface and smoother navigation.
  2. Staking Rewards: Finalizing pending rewards with dependencies from JP, ensuring your contributions are acknowledged and rewarded.


Key Highlights:

  1. Card Selection Dynamics – Ensuring Precision in Your Arsenal: A peculiar phenomenon has been observed where the number of cards mysteriously increases upon selecting and deselecting them. Rest assured, our finest mages are on the case, working to ensure that your deck remains as you intended – powerful and precise. Soon, selecting your arsenal will be as seamless as casting a spell.
  2. UI Enhancements – A Duel Worth Watching: The battlefield is not just a place of conflict but of spectacle. Some of you have pointed out various UI issues within NFTDUEL that detract from the grandeur of your duels. Our designers are weaving their magic to revamp and refine the UI, ensuring that every duel is a feast for the eyes. Get ready for a visual experience that matches the intensity of your battles.
  3. Deck Customization – Making Your Mark: Every dueler knows that a deck is not just a collection of cards but an extension of oneself. We’ve identified an issue with the ‘Change Deck Name’ functionality that has hindered this personal touch. Our developers are implementing a solution to ensure that renaming your deck is as straightforward as claiming victory. Your deck, your identity.

Rooster Fighterz

Key Highlights:

  1. Server Migration Success: We’ve successfully migrated Rooster Fighters to a new production server. This move aims to enhance performance and ensure a smoother experience for all users.

Current Focus:

  1. Race Video Smoothness: We’ve noticed some challenges with the smoothness of the race videos. Our JP team identified this issue, and we understand that players must have a clear view of the races, especially when placing their bets. Rest assured, addressing this is our top priority.
  2. User Interface Improvements: To further improve your experience, we’ve implemented a new feature that helps track your chosen rooster during the race. This enhancement aims to resolve any uncertainties during the high-paced action of the races.
  3. Language Support: We’re expanding our horizons. Our team is working hard to introduce Japanese language support for naming roosters. This update is fascinating for our Japanese players, ensuring a more inclusive and accessible gaming environment.

Upcoming Developments:

  1. Feature Enhancement: We’re set to revamp the logic behind race creation and results. This change is expected to elevate the gameplay experience, making each race more thrilling and engaging.


Here at XANA, it’s all about making our users happy. User satisfaction is what keeps us going strong. Our different projects may vary, but they all come together under the XANA umbrella.

This week was packed with updates and exciting discussions.

Keep an eye out for next week’s dose of new stuff and improved experiences.

Until then, stay well and take care.

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