XANA’s Weekly Development Diary: Spotlight on Innovation and Progress

Weekly Development Update
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Highlights from XANA’s Week of Progress

Greetings, XANA Community! This week, our team has surpassed expectations, advancing XANA’s prominence in the Web 3.0 landscape. Let’s dive into the updates from our dynamic teams.

  1. XANA App: Stepping into the Future

    • Release of XANA Metaverse Mobile App Version 23.08.11!
    • New user tutorial and splash video introduction.
    • Resolved 25 bugs, enhancing user experience.
    • Continued efforts on XANA BUILDER synchronization and MetaMask wallet integration.
  2. XANA Browser: Revolutionizing the Metaverse

    • Web browser access to Metaverse, bypassing app downloads.
    • Direct connection to XANA Fest via web.
    • Developing widget features for corporate solutions.
    • Addressing avatar and NFT exhibition challenges, and localizing password resets.
  3. XANA Builder: Crafting Digital Realms

    • Launch of XANA Builder Version 23.08.17!
    • Introduction of “Test Ver.” Poly Count and optimization of 2000 objects.
    • Fixed 30 minor bugs for a smoother builder experience.
    • Enhancing poly count display and developing auto-unpublishing for trial worlds.
  4. XANA Web: A Hub of Digital Creativity

    • Introduction of the event feature (α-version) for hosting Metaverse exhibitions.
    • Announcement of $XETA & Land Staking Cycle 20 Raffle Results.
    • Upgrades in UI/UX, claim-at-once staking feature, and wallet connect integration.
  5. XANA NFT: Refining the NFT Experience

    • Deployment of Discord integration for seamless role assignment.
    • Development of a new minting site UI and issue resolution through SQA testing.
  6. NFTDUEL: Elevating Gameplay

    • Implementation of a battle fuel management system.
    • Integration of support cards for dynamic gameplay.
  7. Rooster Fighterz: Enhancing Visual Appeal

    • Revamped Rooster UI for a better user experience.
    • Progress on dark mode toggle and Rooster lock features.
  8. AI: Pioneering 3D Innovations

    • Advancements in image-to-3D environment transformation.
    • Final touches on text-to-3D environment creation.
    • Personalization enhancements in XANA: Genesis.

Conclusion: A United Vision at XANA

Our commitment at XANA is fueled by user satisfaction. Each project, diverse in nature, unites under the XANA vision. This week has been bustling with updates and developments.

Stay tuned for next week’s array of innovations and enhancements.

Until then, keep exploring and enjoy the XANA universe!

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Table of contents