XANA’s Weekly Tech Triumphs: A Showcase of Innovation and Progress

Weekly Development Update

A Week of Groundbreaking Developments at XANA

The XANA Dev Team has outdone themselves this week, setting new benchmarks and reinforcing XANA’s dominance in the Web 3.0 realm. Let’s explore the incredible advancements that have our teams buzzing with excitement!

Table of contents

1. XANA App: Elevating User Interaction

  • New Developments:

    • Chat Smarter with XANA 2.0: AI enhancements for an improved chat experience.
    • Revolutionary Onboarding UI: A redesigned user interface for easy onboarding and registration.
  • In Progress:

    • Phase 2 Launch: Introducing AI-powered NPCs for an immersive experience.

2. XANA Browser: Enhancing Web Connectivity

  • Current Focus:

    • Offline YouTube Streaming: Ensuring seamless video access anytime.
    • WebGL UI Optimization: For a smoother browsing experience.
    • World Spawn Issue Resolution: Addressing user-created world spawn glitches.

3. XANA Builder: Creative and Technical Improvements

  • Ongoing Enhancements:

    • Music Uploads: Directly from your PC for personalized experiences.
    • Quality Boost: Enhancing the builder for a flawless creative process.
    • Asset Functionality: Resolving missing asset issues.

4. XANA Web: Merging Fashion with the Metaverse

  • JR Kyushu Train Design T-Shirts NFT:

    • A unique collaboration with Aeon Kyushu Co., Ltd, bringing exclusive train design T-shirts to the Metaverse.
    • Purchase real T-shirts at AEON stores in Kyushu and pair them with their Metaverse counterparts.

5. XANA NFT: Expanding the NFT Universe

  • New Development:

    • JR Kyushu Train Design T-Shirt Site: A dedicated space for this exclusive NFT collection.
  • In Progress:

    • UI Enhancements: Implementing background opacity for pop-up notifications.

6. NFTDUEL: Refining the Gaming Experience

  • Current Focus:

    • Live Build Rankings: Addressing update issues.
    • Win/Lose Screen Pop-Up Fixes: Resolving freeze problems.
    • ‘Lost Your Deck’ Display: Fixing popup issues for a smoother game flow.

7. Rooster Fighterz: Streamlining for Better Performance

  • Improvements Underway:

    • Faster Rooster Registration Model: Enhancing loading speeds.
    • Live Streaming Fixes: Smoothing out any live stream interruptions.
    • User Feedback Bugs: Addressing issues pointed out by the community.

8. AI: A Step into the Future

  • Upcoming Feature:

    • Voice Cloning & Settings: Set to revolutionize user interaction.

Stay Connected with XANA’s Journey

As we conclude another week of remarkable achievements, remember that your satisfaction and feedback drive our innovation. The XANA universe continues to evolve with each update, and your involvement is a vital part of our journey. So, stay tuned for next week’s updates — they’re sure to be just as exciting! Keep exploring and shaping the Web 3.0 world with us!

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Table of contents