Embark on the Journey Towards the Future with XANA: Next Week’s Innovations Await! | 15 July – 21 July

Here’s what our talented team achieved this week.

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XANA NFT has a lot riding on it, including keeping NFT enthusiasts satisfied. Proper updates are how we achieve that.


  • Preparation for SBT distribution
    Preparations are underway for the distribution of the “Diamond Hands SBT” and “XANA: Penpenz Purchase Thanks SBT” for 2022.


A game that takes extremely popular IPs and weaves them into exciting gameplay.


  • Connect Wallet
    Seamless connection between MetaMask and other crypto wallets via PC only (no smartphone required).


The best metaverse experience available on your mobile devices.


  • Major Optimizations
    We’ve fixed several bugs and optimized the overall app.


  • Game Components
    We’re adding XANA Builder Gamification components to the app for a unified creative space.
  • XENY Token
    XENY Token is being implemented in XANA.

XANA Web Browser

Taking the limits off the XANA Metaverse with the XANA Web Browser version.


  • User Experience
    Overall, the user experience is undergoing an overhaul.

    • Animations will be faster
    • Loading time minimum
    • Smoother scrolling
    • Optimized functions


XANA is an ecosystem best exemplified by the XANA Web.


  • UI/UX Improvements
    The unified XANA experience just got a whole lot smoother with UI/UX fixes.
  • Wallet Connectivity
    Now connect your crypto wallet even more easily via scanning.

XANA Builder

Give your creativity some wings with XANA Builder’s easy functionalities.


  • Connect Wallet
    We’ve simplified the process so you can easily connect with XANA Builder and make the most of the features available.
  • Thumbnail Size
    Made XANA a bit more cinematic with the 16:9 thumbnails.
  • Overall Optimization
    Worked on several aspects of the Builder and refined them for a better, more welcoming experience.
  • Warp
    You can now teleport from one place to another within XANA Builder. And also return to the same place. This is made possible with the improved Warp function.

Artificial Intelligence

For us, AI is more than a buzzword. We’re integrating it with several Web 3 components to help our users express creativity without any learning curve.


  • Generative AI
    We’re working on AI that can generate images and gifs from text prompts. These generated assets will be usable in the metaverse.
  • XANA University
    Educating the World through AI’s power. We’re bringing a ton of courses to our university that’ll propel people toward luxurious careers.
  • AI & Builder
    AI will soon generate read-to-use assets for the XANA Builder. Testing is in progress with some very promising results.


When we think about how far we’ve gotten, we stop thinking. Because that’s not the way.

Our goal is to bring the best Web 3 experience to the world. We’ll slow down if we start thinking about how much we’ve achieved. And we can’t afford that. So we do the opposite. We think about the future. And what we need to do for that. As always, we appreciate you sticking by. Without your support, we wouldn’t be able to continue.

Join us

In shaping the future of Web 3.0! Your continued support fuels our commitment to innovation and excellence. Stay tuned for next week’s exciting developments, as we relentlessly push the boundaries to deliver the ultimate Web 3 experience. Together, let’s build a tomorrow filled with groundbreaking advancements in the Metaverse. The journey continues – be a part of it with XANA!

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Table of contents