XANA’s Weekly Development Update: | 16 September – 22 September | Trailblazing Innovations and Fixes

Weekly Development Update

A Week of Impressive Progress and Innovations

The XANA Dev Team has been on a relentless pursuit of excellence, breaking new ground in the Web 3.0 landscape. Let’s explore the remarkable achievements and updates they’ve delivered this week.

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1. XANA App: Elevating User Experience

  • New Developments:

    • Lobby Revamp: A redesigned lobby for an enhanced user experience.
    • Chat Feature Expansion: Rolling out new chat features and categories in phases.
    • Bug Fixes: Addressing approximately 30 bugs based on DAO reports and feedback.

2. XANA Browser: Enhancing Connectivity and Usability

  • In Progress:

    • WebGL on Mobile: Focused on ensuring smooth WebGL functionality on mobile devices.
    • Connection and Localization: Tackling connection errors and refining localization.
    • Builder Compression Issue: Solving addressable compression issues for a better building experience.

3. XANA Builder: Resolving UI Challenges

  • Underway Improvements:

    • Ninja Motion UI: Addressing issues for an improved user interface.
    • Quiz Component UI: Enhancing the quiz component for a smoother experience.
    • Mac User Focus: Prioritizing fixes for Mac users to ensure seamless usage.

4. XANA Web: Introducing New Features and UI Upgrades

  • Currently Working On:

    • Event Hosting: Introducing the ability to host up to 50 bear avatars and select avatar types.
    • Public Events: Developing a new world for public event hosting.
    • World Tab Overhaul: Improving the user interface for enhanced navigation.

5. XANA NFT: Streamlining Integration and Onboarding

  • Latest Development:

    • Discord and Wallet Linking: Simplifying the linking process for users.
  • In Progress:

    • User Onboarding: Introducing an efficient onboarding process for Web2 and Web3 users.

6. NFTDUEL: Addressing Gameplay Issues

  • Focus Areas:

    • Force Quit Game Issues: Resolving version 2 game interruptions.
    • Deck Making Glitches: Fixing the ‘Making Deck’ issue to ensure smooth gameplay.

7. Rooster Fighterz: Enhancing Game Performance

  • Ongoing Work:

    • Transaction Resolutions: Addressing issues during race join transactions.
    • Registration Loader Alignment: Improving modal alignment for a better registration process.

8. AI: Perfecting Chat Features

  • Current Fixes:

    • Genesis Chat Display: Resolving the chat title display issue without chat contents.

Be Part of XANA’s Continuous Evolution

That wraps up a week of exceptional advancements at XANA. Remember, our journey is fueled by your support and feedback. Your engagement is crucial in shaping the XANA universe. Stay tuned for more exciting updates and continue making an impact in the Web 3.0 realm. Together, we’re building a digital world that resonates with each one of you!

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Table of contents