Weekly Development Update | 18 May – 24 May

Weekly Development Update

Welcome to this week’s development update for the XANA ecosystem. We’ve made significant strides in improving user experience and enhancing platform stability across our various platforms. Here are the latest developments:

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Key Highlights:

  • Store and Daily Rewards: Progress continues on the store for wearable assets and the login-based daily rewards system, which is nearing completion.
  • Purchasing Wearables: We are developing purchase various wearable items like hair, upper, bottom, and shoes, enhancing customization options.
  • XENY Implementation: Efforts are ongoing to integrate XENY for in-app purchases, despite challenges with app store approvals.
  • Bug Fixes and Feedback: Various fixes have been implemented based on user feedback, focusing on improving the overall user experience.
  • Multiplayer Setup: Progress on the multiplayer setup is being made to support upcoming features.

XANA Browser

Key Highlights:

  • Web 3.0 Integration: Web 3.0 functionality has been successfully integrated, enabling users to onboard in a more decentralized manner.
  • Quality Adjustments: Builds with lowered quality settings have been tested successfully on mobile devices, improving performance.
  • NFT Management: Real-time compression techniques are being implemented to handle large NFT files efficiently, reducing crashes and memory usage.
  • Performance Optimization: Ongoing efforts to optimize memory usage and ensure stability, balancing quality and performance.
  • iOS Compatibility: Submitted builds for testing on various iPhone models, working towards optimizing for iOS browsers.

XANA Builder

Key Highlights:

  • Penguin Avatar Integration: Integrated the penguin avatar for gamified worlds, including physics interactions for moving platforms.
  • Video Upload Fixes: Resolved issues with the video upload feature, ensuring smooth functionality.
  • URL Switchers: Added URL switchers to improve the onboarding flow for new users.
  • Regression Testing: Conducted regular regression testing to identify and fix various issues, ensuring the stability and performance of the platform.


Key Highlights:

  • Hotfixes and Feedback: Addressed various hotfixes and user feedback, which have now been completed and deployed live.
  • Drag-and-Drop Area Expansion: Implemented and deployed an expanded drag-and-drop area feature similar to Twitter, enhancing user interaction.
  • Backend Work: Completed several backend tasks, including those related to the staking cycle and backend ports.
  • Staking Cycle 40: Successfully deployed the latest staking cycle.
  • XENY Issues: Resolved several issues related to XENY in the current sprint, improving overall functionality.


Key Highlights:

  • Hotfixes and Issue Resolutions: Numerous hotfixes and issues reported have been addressed and deployed live. This includes defects identified in the XANA staging environment.
  • Collection Detail Page: Implemented internal scrolling in the collection detail page to enhance navigation and user experience.
  • User Experience Improvements: Ongoing efforts to improve the overall user experience by fixing issues and optimizing various features on the site.
  • API Load Time Improvements: Work is in progress to enhance API load times, ensuring faster and more efficient data retrieval.
  • Performance and Loading Skeleton: Development is focused on improving performance and implementing a loading skeleton for better visual feedback during load times.
  • Graphical Pop-up for Activity: A graphical pop-up feature for activities on XANA NFT is being developed to provide real-time updates and notifications.
  • Crypto Ninja Genesis Card Sale: Preparations are being made for the sale of NFTDUEL Crypto Ninja Genesis cards.
  • Grid Implementation: A new grid feature is being developed for the collection and item detail pages, enhancing the display and organization of items.
  • Right Bar 2.0: The updated right bar 2.0 will be launched, incorporating improvements and addressing reported issues.
  • Gas Fee Management: The company will cover gas fees for ERC721 XANAChain transactions, and work is being done to address contract size limitations and optimize code.


Key Highlights:

  • NPC Integration: NPCs have been added to all leagues in the league mode, enhancing gameplay dynamics.
  • Daily Treasure Box: The daily treasure box feature has been updated to provide users with more engaging rewards.
  • Astro Boy Addition: Astro Boy Nagano has been added to the trial league, expanding the character options for trial players.
  • Crafting and Booster Cards: The crafting feature and booster card implementation have been completed and successfully passed quality testing.
  • HP Adjustment: The HP of the second player has been increased by 10% to balance the gameplay.
  • Web 2 Authorization Fixes: Fixed issues related to web 2 authorization, improving overall security and user access.
  • User Account Deletion: A button to permanently delete user accounts has been added, meeting the requirements for Apple approval.
  • Miscellaneous Fixes: Various bug fixes, including fuel swap issues and improvements in booster card functionality, have been implemented.


Our ongoing efforts to improve the XANA ecosystem are reflected in these updates. We’re committed to providing a stable and superior experience for our users. Thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to sharing more progress in the coming weeks. Thank you for being a part of the XANA community!

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Table of contents