Weekly Development Update | 20 April – 26 April

Weekly Development Update

This week’s update brings a suite of enhancements across the XANA ecosystem, focusing on refining the user experience and ensuring platform stability. Here is an overview of the significant advancements we have achieved across our key platforms:

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Key Highlights:

  • Store and Morphing Features: The store’s interface now incorporates morphing functionalities, enhancing user interaction capabilities. These updates are undergoing final reviews to confirm their functionality and stability.
  • Character Controller Enhancements: The character controller has been fine-tuned for improved responsiveness, particularly to align with updates from our builder platform. This ensures smoother user experiences within our digital environments.
  • Character Model Updates: We have upgraded the character models on the XANA platform to modern standards, significantly improving visual quality and user interaction.

XANA Browser

Key Highlights:

  • Interactive Character Development: Enhancements to character interactivity are underway, focusing on deepening user engagement through responsive content.
  • Performance Enhancements: We have successfully reduced loading times to accelerate content delivery and enhance browser responsiveness.
  • Stability and Usability Improvements: Ongoing adjustments and bug fixes are being made based on user input to enhance the stability and usability of our browser.

XANA Builder

Key Highlights:

  • Bug Resolution: Our team has identified and resolved critical defects, significantly boosting platform stability and reliability.
  • Gameplay Feature Extensions: New gameplay features are being introduced, enriching user interaction and extending platform capabilities through phased implementations.


Key Highlights:

  • Enhanced Commenting Features: Users can now embed photos and videos within comments, enriching community engagement and making interactions more immersive.
  • User Interface Corrections: We have corrected various interface issues, including icon alignment and name display errors, to enhance navigational ease and overall user interface clarity.
  • Progressive Web App Enhancements: Several upgrades have been implemented to our Progressive Web App to boost its performance and stability based on specific feedback.
  • Completion of Land 2.0: The development of Land 2.0 has been finalized and launched, offering advanced features and a revamped interface for an improved user management experience.
  • Implementation of XENY Phase 2: Updates for XENY Phase 2 have been deployed, focusing on fixing defects and enhancing backend functionalities to facilitate smoother user transactions.


Key Highlights:

  • Chain Migration and Wallet Upgrades: Significant advancements in our migration to the XANA chain include a new wallet interface that simplifies user transactions and improves security.
  • User Interface Refinement: The NFT platform’s user interface is being refined to address visual and usability improvements necessitated by recent updates.
  • NFTDUEL Site Advancements: The NFTDUEL Astroboy Nagano minting site is nearing completion of its crucial phases, with cryptocurrency functionalities fully operational and non-cryptocurrency elements soon to follow.
  • Two-Way XETA Bridge Integration: The integration of a two-way XETA bridge is in progress, aimed at enabling efficient cross-blockchain transactions.
  • Performance Optimizations: Focused efforts are in place to enhance the loading speeds and responsiveness of the XANA NFT platform, ensuring a smoother experience for all users.
  • Staking Interface Update: Updates to the staking interface will soon make it easier for users to access and manage their rewards, aligning with our goal to enhance financial engagement on the platform.
  • Profile Management Enhancements: Enhancements to user profile features are underway, providing users with more control over their personal and transactional data.


Key Highlights:

  • Enhanced Matchmaking: Matchmaking times in the Trial League have been reduced to one minute to minimize wait times and maintain user engagement.
  • NPC Integration: NPCs have been integrated across all leagues to offer a consistently challenging competitive environment and enrich gameplay diversity.
  • Comprehensive System Updates: Significant updates have been made to game logic and server stability, alongside targeted bug fixes to improve gameplay continuity and address user-reported issues.


The updates shared today underscore our continuous efforts to enhance the XANA platforms. While many of the enhancements are still under development, they are indicative of our commitment to excellence. Our team remains focused on optimizing these features to deliver a reliable and engaging experience for our community.

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Table of contents