Weekly Development Update | 23 December – 29 December

Weekly Development Update

Week of Remarkable Achievements.

Hold onto your hats, folks—our XANA Dev Team is on fire. Just when we thought they couldn’t raise the bar any higher, they’ve gone and smashed their records.

This week has been nothing short of a game-changer, solidifying XANA’s place as a tour de force in the ever-evolving Web 3 landscape. So, what magic have they been cooking up?

Let’s dive into the awe-inspiring highlights that have kept our teams excited all week.

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Key Highlights:

  1. Dedicated Testing Phase: Our JP tester is diligently working on the final testing phase. This rigorous testing process is crucial to ensure that our product meets the highest standards of quality and functionality.
  2. XANA 2.0 Progress: Significant progress has been made on XANA 2.0. We are currently in the final stages of development, and the build is ready for testing. Our goal is to ensure that XANA 2.0 is thoroughly tested and ready for deployment to the app store.
  3. Balancing Multiple Priorities: Our team has been working diligently on XANA 2.0. Simultaneously, we are making sure that XANA 2.0 undergoes thorough testing and is prepared for release.
  4. Revamp UI: We are making UI better and better for more user experience.

XANA Browser

Key Highlights:

  1. Info Popup Issue in Melido World:
    • We’re addressing a problem where information popups are not functioning as intended within Melido World. This fix is crucial for enhancing user interaction and information accessibility.
  2. Avatar Height Issue in World:
    • There’s an ongoing effort to correct the avatar height discrepancies within the world. This adjustment is key to maintaining visual consistency and immersion.
  3. Quiz Component UI Issues:
    • The team is working on resolving UI challenges in the Quiz Component. Our goal is to ensure a seamless and intuitive user experience, especially in interactive quiz sections.
  4. Terrain Brush Not Reflected in WebGL:
    • We’ve identified an issue where the terrain brush changes are not being properly reflected in WebGL. Resolving this will significantly improve the world-building capabilities and visual fidelity in the browser.
  5. Doorkey Text Issue:
    • Efforts are underway to fix issues with the text associated with doorkeys. This fix will enhance navigational clarity and user experience.
  6. Builder Avatar Speed and Jump Issue:
    • Adjustments are being made to the builder avatar’s speed and jump functionality. These improvements are aimed at optimizing movement mechanics and user interaction within the builder environment.

XANA Builder

Key Highlights:

  1. Image Preview Issue:
    • We’re tackling a problem with the image preview functionality. Ensuring that previews display correctly is essential for user interface clarity and efficiency in asset management.
  2. Exit Popup Issue:
    • There’s ongoing work to resolve issues with the exit popups. Correcting this will enhance the user experience by providing clearer and more reliable navigation prompts.
  3. Game Loading or Crash During Asset Selection and Search:
    • Our team is addressing critical issues where the game is either loading improperly or crashing when users select assets or use the search function. This fix is crucial for ensuring stability and smoothness in the user experience.
  4. Loading UI Issue When Creating New World:
    • We’ve identified and are rectifying a Loading UI issue that occurs during the creation of a new world. This enhancement aims to provide a seamless and visually coherent experience for our users.
  5. Thumbnail Screen UI Issue:
    • Adjustments are being made to the Thumbnail Screen UI to resolve existing issues. These improvements will ensure a more intuitive and visually appealing interface for our users.


$XETA & Land Staking Cycle 29 Raffle Result Has Been Announced

  1. $XETA Staking
  2. Land Staking

More details here

Key Highlights:

  1. Universal Search for XANA LP:
    • Modifications and Deployment: We have implemented modifications according to LP. These changes have been deployed on staging, and further front-end adjustments are underway.
  2. Cycle Updates:
    • Production Deployment: Staking cycle 30 has been completed and deployed on production.
    • Ongoing Work: Cycle 31 is underway, with significant progress made. Four fixes have been completed and deployed live.

Upcoming Plans:

  1. Next Week Focus:
    • Sticking Circle 29: We will work on reward creation simulation and distribution for sticking circle 29.
    • SQA Fixes and UI Updates: New fixes reported by SQA will be addressed, along with implementing new UI changes.
    • Universal Search and LP Changes: We will continue to refine the Universal Search for Zana LP with new UI adjustments.
  2. Expected Completion:
    • UI Updates: The new UI required for various features is expected to be completed by next Tuesday, Awareness Day.


Key Highlights:

  1. GMO Payment Integration:
    • Completion of Integration: We have successfully completed the integration of the GMO payment system for PP and credit cards on the minting site.
    • Testing Phase: The integration is currently in the testing phase. Our SQA team is diligently working to ensure that both the front end and back end of the GMO payment system function seamlessly.
  2. Hotfixes and Technical Challenges:
    • Completion of Hotfixes: Several hotfixes have been completed and are test-ready for live deployment.
    • Deployment Delay: Due to technical issues in the build, we have postponed the deployment of these changes to avoid potential disruptions and UI/UX issues on the live site.
  3. Next Week Focus:
    • Further GMO Payment Integration: The backend team will handle transaction status-related tasks for the GMO payment integration in the upcoming sprint.
    • Resolution of Hotfixes: Additional hotfixes reported by SQA will be addressed.
    • Referral Logic Page: A new task requested by JP involving the implementation of a referral logic page will be undertaken in the next sprint.


Key Highlights:

  1. Web Ranking Display Limitation:
    • We have identified an issue where the web ranking is only showing up to the 20th position. Our team is working to expand this view, ensuring that players can see a broader and more comprehensive ranking list. This change is vital for maintaining a transparent and competitive environment.
  2. League Change Issue After One Battle:
    • There is an ongoing effort to resolve a problem where players experience league change issues after playing just one battle. Addressing this will improve the accuracy of league placements and ensure a fair competitive progression for all players.
  3. Inconsistency in Draw Outcome Reporting:
    • We’re tackling a challenge where, in the event of a draw, one side is correctly marked as a draw, but the other side is incorrectly marked as a win. Correcting this issue is crucial for ensuring fairness and accuracy in match outcomes.

Rooster Fighterz

Key Highlights:

  1. UI Glitches Resolved: Our frontend team successfully addressed and resolved the first hot pick UI glitches. These changes have been tested and are now live on the mainnet.
  2. Race Logic Update: Modifications to the race logic, particularly concerning distance and time variations, have been completed.
  3. Race Video and Live Stream Issues: The Unity team has fixed glitches in race videos and live stream production. These improvements have been deployed and are currently live.
  4. Rooster Name Display and Replay Videos: Issues related to the display of rooster names in race videos and replay functionalities have been resolved. These updates are live and under testing.
  5. Reward Tab Error and Race Result Display: We’ve fixed a frontend issue causing errors when opening the reward tab. Additionally, the display problem in Race 419 results due to a database error has been rectified.
  6. Leaderboard Testing: The testing of the leaderboard, which was completed in the previous week, has now been successfully finalized.
  7. Hotfixes and JP Test Issues: Several hotfixes, including the display of rooster names and browser-related race entry issues, have been addressed. These solutions have been implemented and are functioning well.

Upcoming Week’s Plan:

  1. Rooster Name Change for JP Market: We’re tackling the challenge of double-byte character input for Japanese text. Our frontend team is working on this, and we expect to resolve it using devices set to the Japanese language as default. This task is our primary focus for the upcoming week.
  2. Testing and Finalization: Apart from the JP Team requirement, most of our effort will be directed toward testing the remaining issues. We aim to ensure that all functionalities are running smoothly.


So, there you have it—the highlights of a week that’s been nothing short of extraordinary. At XANA, it’s not just about the tech; it’s about you, our treasured users.

Your satisfaction fuels our ingenuity and keeps the XANA universe expanding. From groundbreaking updates to animated team discussions, each moment adds a unique thread to the fabric of our mission.

As we wrap up, keep those peepers peeled for next week’s excitement. Trust us, you won’t want to miss it. Until then, take good care and keep making waves in the Web 3 world.

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