Weekly Development Update | 23 March – 29 March

Weekly Development Update

This week brings exciting updates from the XANA ecosystem. Our dedicated team has been working tirelessly to refine user experiences, streamline functionalities, and introduce new, cutting-edge features. Below is an overview of our latest accomplishments:

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Key Highlights:

  • Web3 Authentication: Integration of a new Web3 authentication system for enhanced security and streamlined login process, ready for the upcoming release.
  • Profile UI Enhancements: Implementation of input limitations on user names and biographies to improve app stability and user interface.
  • Onboarding Process Refinement: Modifications to the onboarding process for better integration of new users into the XANA ecosystem.
  • Media Playback Fixes: Resolved issues with live and pre-recorded media playback to ensure seamless content viewing.

XANA Browser

Key Highlights:

  • User Experience and Bug Fixes: Addressed specific user experience challenges and bugs, substantially improving browser stability and performance.
  • Content Integration: Enhanced content accessibility and engagement with updates to content integration and video functionalities. 

XANA Builder

Key Highlights:

  • Defect Management: Addressed platform defects and integrated new development tasks to ensure a seamless building experience.
  • Team Expansion: Added new team members to focus on both the technical and design aspects of the platform, aiming to accelerate development and enrich features.


Key Highlights:

  • Targeted Bug Fixes: Addressed critical issues to improve platform performance and user experience, ensuring a smoother and more stable environment for our community.
  • Enhanced Chat Functionality: Resolved specific problems with chat functionality, providing a more consistent and dependable communication channel for users to interact seamlessly across the platform.
  • Development of Land 2.0 UI: Completed the workflow for the Land 2.0 UI development, making virtual land management more intuitive and engaging for users with a clearer and more visually appealing interface.
  • Introduction of New Pop-Up Designs: Implemented new pop-up designs to enhance aesthetic appeal and information delivery, making it easier for users to access and comprehend vital platform details.
  • Web Flow Enhancements: Streamlined the user journey on XANA Web with significant web flow improvements, facilitating easier navigation and engagement with the platform’s content and features.


Key Highlights:

  • Refined Search Mechanism: Enhanced search functionality for quicker and more precise discovery of NFTs and collections.
  • Streamlined Blockchain Operations: Migration of blockchain configurations and assets to improve performance and transaction smoothness.
  • Contract Balance Management Enhancements: Upgrades to the system for a more seamless interaction with NFT contract balances.
  • New UI Elements: Introduction of an enhanced navigation bar and a collections page for improved platform navigation and accessibility.
  • Bulk Bridge Feature for NFTDUEL Cards: Finalization of a feature allowing efficient management and transfer of NFTDUEL cards.
  • NFTDUEL Card Sale with Discounts: Launch of a new sales feature for Crypto Ninja cards, including a discount coupon system for added community value.
  • Infrastructure and Wallet Connectivity Improvements: Ongoing enhancements to blockchain infrastructure for greater stability and security, alongside efforts to resolve wallet connectivity issues.
  • Staking Rewards Mechanism: Development of a new system for staking rewards to enhance engagement and provide incentives to users, particularly for Rooster Fighter.


Key Highlights:

  • Post-Launch Monitoring and Fixes: Immediate action on feedback and bugs post-launch to enhance stability and performance.
  • Optimized Connection Times: Significant reductions in connection times to improve user engagement and experience.


This week’s developments across the XANA platforms demonstrate our unwavering commitment to advancing our ecosystem. Through targeted enhancements, feature integrations, and optimizations, we continue to enrich the user experience and foster a more engaging and efficient environment for our community.

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Table of contents