Weekly Development Update | 23 September – 29 September

Weekly Development Update

Weekly Development Update: Making Strides Forward!

The XANA team is a dynamic force, relentlessly transforming dreams into reality. Instead of passively awaiting opportunities, we actively craft them.

Our mission is clear: to deliver groundbreaking Web 3 solutions to a global audience. Each week is a flurry of activity – innovating, repairing, and enhancing our offerings to ensure they are nothing short of extraordinary.

Table of contents

1. XANA App

New Development

  1. Introducing XANA Chat 2.0 (Version 1) – Your Next-Level Conversational Experience is Here!

Work In Progress

  1. Embracing the Future: Unveiling AI NPCs in Action!
  2. Immersive Gameplay: Get Ready for Added Sounds like Jumps, Steps, and Action Effects!

2. XANA Browser

Work In Progress

  1. Take YouTube Anywhere: Enjoy Offline Playback of Your Favorite Videos!
  2. More Freedom to Personalize: Customize Your Avatar Even After Guest Login!
  3. Take Control of Your World: We’re Bringing Custom Commands for Every Function!

3. XANA Builder

Work In Progress

  1. Show Your World Your Way: Now, You Can Upload Images as World Thumbnails on Publish!
  2. Elevating UI with Generative AI Skybox: What’s Changing?

4. XANA Web

$XETA Token & LAND stakings (Cycle 24) are Now Live.

  1. XETA Staking
  2. LAND Staking

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XANA PC (Alpha) Ver 23.09.25 is Now Live!

  1. Implemented Web3 login (login via wallet)
  2. Implemented automatic translation feature based on the PC’s system language (supports English and Japanese)
  3. Addressed and improved approximately 30 other issues, including bug fixes and UI enhancements

New Development

  1. Introducing XANA Chat 2.0 (Version 1) – Your Next-Level Conversational Experience is Here!
  2. Experience XANA Event Live Version: Now Faster and More Optimized!
  3. Getting Ready to Distribute XENY to Each User – Exciting Times Ahead!


Work In Progress

  1. Securing Your NFTDUEL Cards: Introducing the Lock Function on XANA NFT!
  2. Seamless Onboarding for New Users: Welcome to the Future with Web2 & Web3 Auth on XANA NFT!
  3. Addressing the Per Transaction Limit Issue: Finding a Solution for Smoother Transactions.


Work In Progress

  1. Bringing the Fun Back: Resolving Multiplayer Matching Issues for Seamless Gaming!
  2. Stay Connected Anywhere: Offline Popups Now Available During Matching and Gameplay!
  3. Optimizing Your Gaming Experience: Get Ready for Smoother Gameplay!

7. Rooster Fighterz

Work in Progress

  1. Exciting Updates to the ‘Rewards’ Screen Specifications: What’s New?
  2. Adding a Groovy Touch: Set Background Music for Your Race Videos!
  3. UI Optimization: A Fresh Look for a Better Experience!

8. AI

Work in Progress

  1. Sync Issue: Aligning Voice and Animation for Seamless Harmony
  2. Resolving the New Chat Generation Issue in Normal Mode


XANA is like a treasure chest of creative sparks, not just one thing but a mix of awesome ideas. Each idea gets its own spotlight; otherwise, they might feel a bit lost at sea.

And guess what? We’re thrilled to spill the beans on every single step we’re taking with each XANA gem. Our mission? To keep everything steady and sail forward toward an even brighter tomorrow for all of us.

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Table of contents