Weekly Development Update | 25 November – 1 December

Weekly Development Update

Noticeable progress.

When it seems like the team is doing great, they outdo themselves by quite a margin. This week XANA Development team has had major breakthroughs. These will help strengthen XANA’s position as the thought-and-practical leader in the Web 3 space.

Let’s summarize what our different teams achieved during the week.

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Key Highlights:

  1. New Splash Screen: We’ve completed a captivating new splash screen featuring dynamic particle effects on a sleek black background. It’s ready to enhance your app startup experience.
  2. Builder to XANA Syncing: We’re tackling a memory leak issue in Builder World. Optimized assets are being imported to enhance stability and performance.
  3. Animation Improvements: To address the floating legs issue in animations, new animation bundles have been uploaded and are set for testing in the next app build.
  4. Mandatory App Update: To ensure a seamless experience, we’ll be implementing a forced update for all users to access the latest version of the app.
  5. World Detail 2.0: Major progress here, The UI has been revamped, and functionality tailored to requirements has been successfully integrated. Quality assurance is underway to perfect this feature.
  6. Splash 2.0: Ongoing work on this front. We’ve shared progress and will continue to refine the Splash 2.0 UI in the coming week.
  7. Home 2.2, Onboarding, Sign-In/Up 2.0: These features are in active development, promising a more intuitive and engaging user interface.
  8. Upcoming Week’s Focus: We’ll be concentrating on enhancing onboarding features, front 2.0 functionality, optimization tasks, and resolving identified issues in Builder to XANA syncing, among other priorities.

XANA Browser

Key Highlights:

  1. NFT Display in Selfie Mode (Zone-X): We’ve identified a glitch affecting the display of NFTs in selfie mode. Our team is actively working on a fix to ensure your NFTs shine in every snapshot.
  2. Gesture Display in Environment: Some users have reported inconsistencies with gesture displays in various environments. Rest assured, we’re on top of this, refining the system for smoother and more expressive interactions.
  3. Spawn Issue in Zone-X: We’re aware of the challenges with spawning in Zone-X and are fine-tuning the process for a seamless entry into this vibrant zone.
  4. World Exit Popup Issue: Some users have encountered difficulties with the world exit popup. Our developers are refining this to ensure a smooth and intuitive exit process.
  5. Video Display Issue in Zone-X: We’ve noticed issues with video displays in Zone-X. Our technical team is dedicated to resolving this to enhance your multimedia experience in this dynamic space.
  6. Material Display Issues in Zone-X: Our team is currently addressing a couple of material-related issues in Zone-X:
  • We’re fixing an anomaly affecting the appearance of materials in the Zone-X area.
  • Similar to the general Zone-X, the rooms are also experiencing material display problems, which are under active resolution.

XANA Builder

Key Highlights:

  1. Character Controller Feature: We have made substantial advancements in developing our character control features. These enhancements are designed to offer a more dynamic and interactive experience to our users, making their interaction within our virtual worlds more intuitive and engaging.
  2. Web2 and Web3 Integration: We have initiated a collaborative effort with our backend teams to seamlessly integrate Web2 and Web3 functionalities. This initiative is aimed at leveraging the strengths of both technologies to provide a robust, secure, and versatile platform experience for our users.
  3. iOS Build and JP Feedback: Our team has been focused on refining the iOS version of our platform, integrating valuable feedback received from JP testers. This feedback is instrumental in optimizing the app’s performance and user interface, ensuring a seamless experience for iOS users.
  4. Upcoming Week’s Focus: We’ll focus on completing tasks assigned by the JP team, with our developers, who are spearheading significant feature developments.


Key Highlights:

1. XANA Metaverse Widget:

  • We’ve completed the Embed XANA Metaverse widget web feature, which is now ready for testing and set for live deployment.
  • A demo video for the widget will be presented to JP for approval before deployment.

2. Hotfixes and Deployments: Several hotfixes have been implemented and are now live in production.
3. Major Tasks Covered: The focus was embedding functionalities and enhancing the metaverse experience.
4. Plans for the Next Week:

  • Addressing hotfixes reported by SQA (Software Quality Assurance).
  • Integrating staking cycle 27 to all distribution systems.
  • Developing a chat box function for the XANA app LP, similar to Twitter’s functionality.


Key Highlights:

  1. User Experience and Hotfixes: Implemented UX updates and resolved issues identified by QA, improving overall user interaction.
  2. Vesting Contract Updation & New UI: Progressed on the vesting contract updation. The new UI for XANA NFT is nearly complete, with only the dark mode pending.
  3. Pending SQA Reported Issues: Some SQA issues remain and are scheduled for resolution in the next sprint.
  4. JP Feedback Implementation: All feedback from JP has been addressed and integrated in the current sprint.
  5. Plans for the Next Week:
  • E-commerce Site Front-end Setup: Finalizing the e-commerce site’s front-end setup, scheduled for completion in the upcoming sprint.


Key Highlights:

  1. Bug Fixes: Focused on resolving numerous bugs identified by JP testers and QF feedback. These crucial fixes spanned various elements, including abilities and game functionalities.
  2. Build Submission: Successfully submitted the final build to JP.
  3. Website and Front-End Checks: All components and other front-end elements are scheduled for verification.
  4. Plans for the Next Week:
  • Prioritizing the fixing of higher-level abilities, particularly levels 6 and 7.
  • We are planning to integrate support cards and prism cards into the gameplay.
  • Addressing UI issues and any Figma-based concerns that have been identified.
  • If no additional bugs are reported, we will focus on integrating the crafting feature.

Rooster Fighterz

Key Highlights:

  1. Hotfix Completion:
  • Successfully resolved most hotfixes reported by the JP team.
  • Addressed the ‘unable to claim’ issue with combined efforts from backend and runtime teams, now fully tested and completed.

2. Rooster Name Display & Rename Function:

  • Implemented and tested the rooster name display specification, ready for live deployment.
  • Continuous work on rename function feedback changes; these have been completed and are awaiting JP team approval before going live.

3. Voting Button Feature:

  • Completed and tested the voting button feature for eight rooster fighters, ready for live implementation.
  • UI changes have been made, with some aspects pending further clarification.

4. Upcoming Week’s Plan:

  • Testing and UI Updates:
  • Testing for the ‘starting button enabled’ feature for eight registered rooster fighters is pending.
  • Awaiting further instructions to finalize additional UI changes.
  • Scheduled for completion by the Unity team this week.


We’re grateful to our tight-knit and growing community. Your continued support and timely critique helped us stay on course and tread the difficult path relatively easily.

We’re working on delivering a unique experience that engulfs your senses and excites you

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