Weekly Development Update | 30 December – 5 January

Weekly Development Update

Noticeable progress.

When it seems like the team is doing great, they outdo themselves by quite a margin. This week XANA Development team has had major breakthroughs. These will help strengthen XANA’s position as the thought-and-practical leader in the Web 3 space.

Let’s summarize what our different teams achieved during the week.

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Key Highlights:

  1. Onboarding 2.0: Enhanced User Interface
    • Progress: We’ve tackled several UI issues to streamline your onboarding process. This includes improvements in avatar naming, signup, and login interfaces, as well as refining the avatar display on the splash screen.
    • Challenges: We encountered some functional hiccups with the login and signup options in version 2.0, which are being actively resolved for a smoother user journey.
  2. Testing of Live Features – V2
    • Improvements: Focused on enriching live interactions, we’ve made progress in fixing animation glitches in the Feed and stabilizing avatar movements.
    • Current Focus: Resolving the issue where avatars unexpectedly fall down in the KOTO world and addressing friend avatar display problems in the post screen.
  3. XANA Builder to XANA Syncing – V2
    • Updates: We’ve made strides in enhancing component integration, with avatars now correctly spawning at designated points.
    • In-Progress Fixes: We are addressing the appearance change functionality and resolving issues with the Blind Component Trigger.

XANA Browser

Key Highlights:

  1. Enhanced Classroom Lobby Experience:
    • Issue Addressed: We identified a critical camera angle issue in the classroom lobby, affecting user interaction and engagement.
    • Current Status: Our team has prioritized this and is actively working on adjusting camera angles for optimal user experience.
  2. Avatar Customization Improvements:
    • Issue Addressed: Users reported discrepancies in avatar height within the virtual world.
    • Current Status: We are fine-tuning avatar dimensions to ensure consistency and realism in our virtual environment.
  3. Avatar Movement Optimization:
    • Issue Addressed: A notable challenge was the jump issue observed when multiple inputs were given while running the avatar.
    • Current Status: Our developers are implementing enhanced motion algorithms to make avatar movements smoother and more intuitive.
  4. Quiz Component Enhancements:
    • Issue Addressed: The Quiz Component UI faced some usability issues, impacting the overall learning experience.
    • Current Status: We are revamping the UI for a more seamless and user-friendly quiz interaction.

XANA Builder

Key Highlights:

  1. Avatar Interaction Enhancements:
    • Avatar Stuck Issue: Addressed an issue where avatars were getting stuck in spawn assets.
    • Current Status: Implementing more fluid avatar interactions with environment assets for a smoother user experience.
  2. Environment Customization Fixes:
    • Terrain Brush Depth Issue: Resolved a problem with the terrain brush tool in the XANA Builder, affecting depth accuracy.
    • Current Status: Enhanced precision in terrain editing, enabling creators to shape environments with greater detail.
  3. Virtual Fauna Adjustments:
    • Bear Speed Issue: Noted inconsistencies in the movement speed of virtual bears within the environment.
    • Current Status: Adjusting the motion algorithms to ensure realistic and consistent animal behaviors.
  4. Transport Component Improvements:
    • Speed Issue: Tackled a challenge with the speed variations in the transport components.
    • Current Status: Enhancing transport mechanics for more consistent and reliable movement within the virtual world.
  5. Avatar Animation Refinements:
    • Jump Animation Issue: Observed irregularities in the avatar jump animation.
    • Current Status: Refining the animation to make it more fluid and lifelike.


Key Highlights:

  1. Top Page and World Details Page Enhancements:
    • We’ve been diligently working on new changes to the top page and world details page, focusing on both backend and frontend modifications.
    • These enhancements are poised to enrich user interaction and provide more detailed insights into the XANA universe.
  2. SQA Reported Issues and Fixes:
    • We’re on track to resolve all software quality assurance (SQA) issues reported.
    • The completion of these fixes is a testament to our commitment to quality and seamless user experiences.
  3. Staking Cycle 29 Completion:
    • Staking Cycle 29 has been completed, along with several additional fixes, marking a significant milestone in our platform’s functionality.
  4. Comment Section and @ Function:
    • The new comment section, along with the ‘@’ mention functionality, has been completed, enhancing user interaction and communication on the XANA web.
    • The remaining SQA-reported issues related to this feature are set to be resolved.
  5. Universal Search for XANA LP:
    • Issues identified in the universal search for XANA LP are noted and scheduled to be addressed in the next sprint.
  6. Looking Forward to the Next Sprint:
    • One-on-One Chat and Universal Search:
      • The upcoming sprint will focus on introducing the one-on-one chat feature and universal search functionality for the XANA avatar chat, elevating user interaction and accessibility within the platform.
      • Most hotfixes reported by the SQA will be addressed and implemented, further polishing the overall user experience.
    • New Top Page Changes:
      • We are excited to unveil new changes to the top page, set to go live at the start of the week, offering a refreshed and engaging entry point into the XANA web.


Key Highlights:

  1. Fixes and Collaborative Distribution:
    • We have successfully worked on critical fixes and the distribution of NFTs from the Pancake Games collaboration.
    • These NFTs have been transferred to all users.
  2. Hotfix Implementations:
    • Our focus is on implementing hotfixes in the current sprint to ensure a seamless user experience.
  3. GMO Payment Integration:
    • A significant task for the next sprint will be the integration of GMO Payment for credit card implementations. This integration is crucial for enhancing payment flexibility and accessibility within the XANA NFT platform.
  4. Additional Improvements:
    • Alongside these significant tasks, we will also focus on some hotfixes and UI changes to refine the user experience on our platform further.


Key Highlights:

  1. Implementation of Trial League:
    • We’ve successfully enabled users to play using any card in the trial league, a major feature that enhances gameplay flexibility and user engagement.
  2. Optimization Efforts:
    • Our team has also dedicated efforts toward optimization, improving overall platform performance and user experience.
  3. Ability Issues Resolution:
    • We have been actively fixing ability-related issues, ensuring smoother gameplay and an enhanced user interface.
  4. New UI Development:
    • The primary focus will be on developing the new UI for NFTDUEL. This development is aimed at providing a more intuitive and engaging user interface.

Rooster Fighterz

Key Highlights:

  1. Resolved Hotfixes:
    • Replay Videos: We fixed and deployed the issue where past races were not replaying correctly.
    • Rooster Retrieval: The issue with rooster retrieval during the first valid connections has been resolved.
    • Rooster Search in Browser: Searching for roosters when entering a race in a browser issue has been fixed.
    • Race Entry User Selection: Previously selected users opening in the same video during consecutive race entries have been addressed.
    • UI Enhancements:
      • Results Card UI: Fixed the UI disruption when displaying full names.
      • Center Fence Camera Angle: Rectified the broken appearance at specific camera angles.
  2. Race Creation Accessibility:
    • Addressed and resolved the issue preventing users from opening the race creation side.
  3. Plans for the Upcoming Week:
    • JP Requirement Fixes:
      • We have identified glitches in the rooster’s names on the production side and plan to resolve these in the upcoming week.
    • Continuous Logic Improvements:
      • Ongoing efforts to refine various logics, especially from the JP feedback, are in progress. We aim to enhance race entry processes and user experience further.


We’re grateful to our tight-knit and growing community. Your continued support and timely critique helped us stay on course and tread the difficult path relatively easily.

We’re working on delivering a unique experience that engulfs your senses and excites you to the core. And these regular updates are helping us achieve that goal.

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