The Week of Discovery: XANA’s Journey from October 7 to October 13, 2023

Weekly Development Update
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Unveiling the Latest Marvels at XANA: A Week of Progress and Innovation!

Hello, XANA Enthusiasts! Curious about the wizardry behind the scenes? We’re actively crafting the future, delivering dazzling updates week by week.

Transforming Your Digital Realm: XANA’s Weekly Innovations

Our mission? To elevate your experience in the XANA world with cutting-edge Web 3 features and smart fixes.

Dive into This Week’s Highlights: The XANA Odyssey Continues!

  1. XANA App: Evolving Daily

    • Continuous enhancement of XANA Builder and XANA Syncing.
    • Resolving audio issues on the settings screen.
    • Bringing life to actions with new sound effects.
  2. XANA Browser: Redefining Interactivity

    • Introducing Chat 2.0 in WebGL for enriched conversations.
    • Upgrading the XANA Lobby experience.
    • Tackling compression challenges in the XANA Browser.
  3. XANA Builder: Crafting Perfection

    • Refining display messages for a seamless building experience.
    • Adding new assets and resolving existing issues.
  4. XANA Web: Streamlining Digital Interfaces

    • Fixing broken images in the Feed Section.
    • Enhancing aesthetics in Dark Mode with color adjustments.
  5. XANA NFT: Expanding Horizons

    • Resolving ‘Rooster Fighter’ NFT transfer issues.
    • Focusing on UI improvements for a smoother NFT experience.
  6. NFTDUEL: Elevating Your Game

    • Launching the latest NFTDUEL version update.
    • Addressing startup issues and optimizing audio.
    • Actively fixing user-reported bugs.
    • Link here
  7. Rooster Fighterz: Enhancing Performance

    • Speeding up Rooster registration load times.
    • Working on live streaming improvements.
  8. AI: The Future Is Near

    • Upcoming launch of Voice Cloning & Voice Setting feature.

Celebrating Our Journey: A Week of XANA Wonders

Each update, each solution, each innovation – it’s all part of our commitment to a splendid digital tomorrow.

Stay Connected for More XANA Magic!

Until our next update, stay excited and keep exploring. The best of XANA is still ahead!

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Table of contents