Weekly Development Update | 8 July – 14 July

Weekly Development Update

Trailblazing Progress!

As XANA forges ahead in the dynamic landscape of Web 3.0, our development team’s relentless efforts are propelling us towards becoming a force to reckon with. The week of July 8th to 14th, 2023, marked another stride in our journey, with notable advancements and innovations.

July is proving to be a pivotal month for us at XANA. Let’s delve into the reasons behind this significant progress.

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Staying hot and setting new records isn’t easy when there’s a worldwide NFT winter. But XANA NFT has managed just that.


  • BreakingDown 8 Airdrop
    We have established a mechanism for non-encrypted users to receive NFT airdrops. This has completed the preparation of over 45,000 BreakingDown NFT airdrops and allows users to obtain NFTs by entering their “Purchase ID” at XANA NFT. This airdrop will extend XANA’s reach beyond the usual crypto enthusiasts and into the mainstream, bringing more users to XANA.


Taking immensely popular IPs, integrating them into an entertaining game, and introducing unique mechanics to spice things up – NFTDUEL does something other GameFi titles can only dream of.


  • Final Test League
    We’re ready to welcome you to the final test league. Timely FUEL airdrops and League Point allocation will ensure an optimal experience.
  • Bulk Bridging
    We’ve bridged NFTDUEL cards to XANAChain to bring more players to the NFTDUEL experience.


  • Wallet Login
    Soon NFTDUEL players will be able to log in from a number of crypto wallets, in addition to MetaMask – creating diversity in the ecosystem.


For those who want a complete XANA experience, this is the way to go. Worlds, avatars, games, and much more await you in the XANA App.


  • Lobby
    XANA lobby is now connected to several Worlds, so you can return to the lobby after visiting one of the Worlds.
  • Animations
    1. Several animations have been improved, including sitting and lying down.
    2. The animation sync is enhanced for a more immersive, life-like experience.
    3. Animation Categories are reorganized for a smooth scrolling experience.
  • User Experience
    The overall brightness of the lights has been calibrated so it doesn’t irritate the eyes. We’ve also removed lights from the front of the screen at the XANA Festival venue to minimize distractions.
  • Game Components
    We’re integrating game components with the overall app so everyone can enjoy a more engaging experience. We’re improving the stability of these components, so no matter how many users try them, these work flawlessly.

XANA Web Browser

The browser counterpart to the XANA App. It has everything you want out of the Metaverse experience and is available as a convenient browser version.


  • User Experience
    1. Animations now take even less time to load, giving you more time to enjoy them.
    2. Loading time for each world is reduced to mere seconds.
    3. Smooth scrolling for a seamless exploration.
    4. Every function has a dedicated command for it.
  • Japanese Language
    For our Japanese users, we’ve implemented the Japanese language in WebGL. Just select the Japan flag on the top right corner to enable.


More than metaverse. XANA Web is where you’ll find everything that makes up the XANA ecosystem.


  • User Experience
    We’ve made several improvements in the overall user experience. This makes for a lot smoother, more captivating time.

XANA Builder

XANA is creating an environment that promotes creativity. And XANA Builder is an essential part of this ecosystem.


  • Wallet Connect
    We’ve simplified connecting your crypto wallet to XANA Builder. This removes the undesired steps and streamlines the process.


  • Polycount
    We’re improving the World Analysis through polycount so our creators can calibrate their Worlds to reach the most users.
  • Thumbnail Size
    We’ve changed the thumbnail size to 16:9, the ideal ratio, allowing for a more cinematic experience.

Artificial Intelligence

Bringing AI to more than chatbots. We’re spearheading multiple projects that combine AI and metaverse for something more than the sum of its parts.


  • AI x Builder
    In the near future, users will build various components with proper positioning and realistic features in XANA using AI.
  • XANA University
    Creating modern educational content from scratch. Each week, we get one step closer to XANA University – a project to teach people the latest technologies and bring them up to pace with the world.


With so much happening, it’s no wonder XANA has emerged as a juggernaut in Web 3.0. Regular events, huge collaborations, and multiple utilities –when coupled with our team’s weekly efforts, create a unique ecosystem that the XANA community rightfully deserves.

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