Weekly Development Update | 8 June – 14 June

Weekly Development Update

This week’s updates across XANA platforms highlight our ongoing commitment to enhancing the ecosystem with meaningful improvements and new features. Here are the latest developments:

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Key Highlights:

  • XENY Integration: Completed integration of XENY without in-app purchase functionality. Users can now utilize the variables.
  • Login-based Daily Reward: Implemented a new login-based daily reward system.
  • Quality Setting Switching: Added an option for switching quality settings in the game. Automatic quality adjustment based on the world type (user-created or XANA-created) is now available.
  • NFT Environment Room Separation: Developed room separation functionality for different instances based on user entry points.
  • Display of Dome NFTs: Implemented the ability to display images and advertisements in Dome environments from the admin panel.
  • AI NPC Chat Loading: Enabled separate chat loading for AI NPC interactions, hiding public chat during these interactions.
  • Metaverse Environment Integration: Integrated Metaverse environment for the summit, prioritizing the placement of AI avatars.

XANA Browser

Key Highlights:

  • PDF Web View Fixing: Addressed PDF web view issues.
  • Web3 Login: Integrated Web3 login with the new XANA 2.0 avatar.
  • Cloth Syncing: Worked on syncing clothing in XANA 2.0.
  • Chat Enabling: Re-enabled the chat function, fixing previous issues that caused excessive load on the game.
  • Character Integration: Synced browser and app characters, ensuring consistent clothing display across platforms.

XANA Builder

Key Highlights:

  • Poly Count Preview: Scheduled to implement poly count preview in the coming weeks.
  • Task-Based Daily Reward: Developed a system for task-based daily rewards, including tasks like taking selfies, commenting, and posting stories.


Key Highlights:

  • XENY Phase 3 Defects: Addressed XENY Phase 3 defects on staging and implemented hotfixes.
  • Notification Functions: Completed backend and UI/UX for notification functions, pending deployment.
  • Referral Code Implementation: Completed referral code functionality, set to go live.
  • UI/UX Hotfixes: Worked on UI/UX updates and hotfixes, including font issues in the B2B LP.


Key Highlights:

  • Gas Fee Coverage: Implemented changes for company-covered gas fees for XANA chain users with 721 and 1155 operations.
  • Right Bar 2.0: Deployed Right Bar 2.0 with detailed activity tracking.
  • Hotfixes and UI Updates: Completed various hotfixes and UI updates based on SQA feedback.
  • Payment for Non-Crypto Users: Finalized payment implementation for non-crypto users, pending deployment.
  • Free Mint Randomization: Completed free mint randomization for non-crypto users, awaiting live deployment.


Key Highlights:

  • Crafting Feature: Continued development on the crafting feature, with improvements expected to be completed in the upcoming week.
  • Equipment Implementation: Developed the UI for the in-app purchase feature related to equipment. Full development will commence next week.
  • Store Feedback: Worked on store-specific feedback and the ranking screen UI issue.
  • Technical Documentation: Completed comprehensive technical documentation using AI, making future development and onboarding easier.


Our ongoing efforts to improve the XANA ecosystem are reflected in these updates. We’re committed to providing a stable and superior experience for our users. Thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to sharing more progress in the coming weeks.

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Table of contents