Exploring the Latest Updates from XANA: A Glimpse into the Future of Digital Interaction | 9 September – 15 September

Weekly Development Update

Catching up with time!

Hey XANA Fam! Ever wonder what goes on behind the magic curtain? We’re not just waiting for the future; we’re building it, one epic update at a time.

From next-level Web 3 features to nifty bug fixes, we’re all about making your XANA experience unforgettable.

So, ready to dive into this week’s awesomeness? Let’s go!

Table of contents

1. XANA App

Work In Progress

  1. Introducing XANA Chat 2.0: Where Cutting-Edge AI Meets Global Connectivity!
  2. Experience Uninterrupted Entertainment: Solving YouTube Offline Playback Issues at XANA Events!
  3. Exit in Style: Fixing Volume Fluctuations in XANA Lobby.

2. XANA Browser

New Development

  1. Avatar Outfit and Body Parts transparent Visibility Issue is Now Resolved.

Work In Progress

  1. Actively Fixing Player movement stops issue when action triggers.

3. XANA Builder

Work In Progress

  1. Your Voice Heard: Squashing User-Reported Bugs for a Smoother Experience!
  2. Tune Into Perfection: Resolving Audio Component Glitches!
  3. Spot-On Gizmo: Fixing Positioning Issues for Flawless Interaction!

4. XANA Web

New Development

  1. Staking Made Seamless: Ownership Issues Debugged and Optimized!
  2. Step into the New Era: XANA Lobby’s Functional Upgrades Completed!
  3. No More Interruptions: Permanent Fix for Chain-Switching Pop-Up Issues!


New Development

  1. Now Effortlessly Link Your Discord and Wallet in One Simple Step!

Work In Progress

  1. Introducing Streamlined Onboarding for Web2 & Web3 Users!


Work In Progress

  1. Leveling the Playing Field: Fixing First-Turn Card Visibility for Fairer Battles!
  2. Introducing Comprehensive Battle History Records!

7. Rooster Fighterz

Work in Progress

  1. Fixing XANA Stone Value Consistency Before and After Voting!
  2. Smooth Sailing Ahead: Eradicating Glitches on the Races Screen!
  3. Coming Soon: Live Jackpot Totals for Entry and Voting, Right on the RoosterFighterz Home Page!

8. AI

Work in Progress

  1. Unlock the Future: Introducing SANA/Penta AI, Now on Discord!


And that’s a wrap, XANA crew! Think of us as your go-to treasure island, bursting with hidden gems we can’t wait to share with you.

Every update, every fix, every new feature—it’s all to make sure we’re sailing smoothly into an epic future.

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Table of contents