XANA AI Girl Becomes the Spokesperson for China’s NBCET Expo

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XANA’s Metaverse and AI Innovation at NBCET Expo

Making a Mark at the NBCET Expo

XANA’s metaverse, symbolizing Japan’s cutting-edge technology and cultural tourism expertise, made a notable appearance at the China Ningbo Maritime Silk Road Expo on June 30th. This significant event saw the participation of tourism departments from various countries worldwide.

Debut of “Maritime Silk Road Girl”

The highlight was the unveiling of the “Maritime Silk Road Girl,” a XANA AI China Girl specially customized by the Ningbo city government. The expo also featured a city-wide naming contest for her, drawing engagement from thousands, including Ningbo officials and leading Chinese scientists.

AI Integration and Impact

XANA’s foray into AI applications was underscored by this interaction, marking a pivotal advancement in the field.

XANA’s AI Research and Application

XANA boasts a premier AI research and application team in China, collaborating with globally renowned AI labs like Fudan University and Peking University. This team is focused on creating AI robots and tools capable of emotional perception and offering various services.

Capabilities of the Chinese AI Girl
  • Poetry composition and tour guide functionalities.
  • Human-like actions, customizable voices and images.
  • Multilingual communication abilities.
  • Network-independent operation.

Future of AI Assistants

The AI Girl’s presentation hints at a future where every household could have such a smart and elegant AI assistant.

XANA’s Metaverse and NFTDUEL Recognition

Besides AI, XANA’s metaverse and NFTDUEL also secured independent booths at the expo, gaining significant acknowledgment and interest.

Embrace the Future with XANA

Join us as we pioneer the integration of AI and metaverse technologies, shaping a new era of digital interaction and cultural exchange. Discover more about our latest developments and be a part of this exciting journey!

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Table of contents