XANA Builder Update Information v23.09.01

he latest version of XANA Builder brings a host of new features and essential bug fixes, enhancing both the creation and user experience within the XANA Metaverse.

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Updated Features and Enhancements

  • Info Popups Activation: Newly updated to appear when avatars approach within a certain range (pending synchronization with the XANA app).
  • Explorer Tab Icon Marks: Indicative icon marks now show which game components are added to objects for intuitive editing.
  • Crypto-Ninja Characters: Introduction of Sakuya, Xiaolan, and NEMU in the Appearance change game component, with some visual bugs noted in Xiaolan’s legs.
  • AI-Generated Sky: Trial implementation of an AI function to automatically generate Sky backgrounds based on specific keywords.

Resolved Bug Issues

  • Fixes include a color eyedropper bug, duplicate asset issues, and quiz component glitches.
  • Approximately 20 minor bugs have been addressed.

Additional Notes


Download and Compatibility

  • Download Links:

  • System Requirements:

    • Windows: OS (Windows 7, 10, 11 – 64-bit), Processor (X64), Graphics API (DX10), RAM (4 GB), Storage (6 GB)
    • Mac: OS (macOS Mojave 10.14+), Processor (X64 – Intel, Apple M1+), Memory (4 GB), Graphics API (Metal-capable), RAM (4 GB), Storage (6 GB)

Conclusion and Call to Action

Engage with the enhanced features of XANA Builder v23.09.01 to create and interact within the XANA Metaverse more effectively. Ensure your device meets the requirements and explore the endless possibilities. For queries or feedback, contact our customer support. Dive into the world of Metaverse creation with XANA Builder!

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Table of contents