XANA Spearheads Japan’s First Metaverse Division for Local Government with AI Integration

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Pioneering the Metaverse Initiative

XANA and Tottori’s Landmark Announcement

  • Inauguration of Metaverse Division: XANA collaborates with Tottori Prefecture to launch Japan’s inaugural Metaverse division, aiming to bridge local economies with the global market through Metaverse innovations.

AI NFT Breakthrough

Introducing “Yakamihime” as an Official AI Member

  • XANA: Genesis AI’s New Character: “Yakamihime,” a character inspired by Tottori’s legendary myths, is now an official AI member of the local government, marking a first in Japan’s administrative approach.

Web3 Gaming Evolution

Launching the NFTDUEL Game

  • XANA and Tottori’s Joint Venture: The collaboration introduces “NFTDUEL,” a Web3 game within XANA’s Metaverse, featuring iconic characters like Tottori’s legends and Astroboy.
  • Technological Synergy: XANA stands out as the sole project seamlessly integrating multiple technologies to elevate institutions and brands in the digital realm.

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Table of contents