XANA and BreakingDown’s Land Sale: A Metaverse Revolution

XANA is excited to announce its partnership with BreakingDown, Japan’s leading YouTube entertainment show, for their upcoming 8.5 edition on July 1st. As the main sponsor, XANA is set to enhance the real event with an extraordinary metaverse experience, featuring virtual stages and interactive elements.

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Celebrating XANA x BreakingDown Collaboration

Exclusive Land Sale

  • Unique Opportunity: Launching a special land sale in the XANA x BreakingDown metaverse.
  • Ownership Benefits: Own a part of the metaverse, including arenas and content related to BreakingDown.
  • Creative Freedom: As a landowner, create your own games, events, and content, elevating the value of your metaverse space.

Land Sale Details

Sale Timings (UTC)

  • Allowlist Date: June 30 at 9:00 am
  • Public Sale Date: July 1 at 9:00 am

Pricing and Availability

  • Super Rare 1*1: 10 NFTs available at 1.56 ETH each
  • Rare 1*1: 10 NFTs available at 0.47 ETH each
  • Common 1*1: 280 NFTs available at 0.16 ETH each
  • Total Quantity: 300 NFTs

Apply for Allowlist

Further Information

Embrace this unique opportunity to be a part of the metaverse revolution with XANA and BreakingDown. This is your chance to leave a mark in the realm of Web 3.0 entertainment. Don’t miss out on making history in the digital world!

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Table of contents