Revolutionizing the Virtual Realm: XANA’s New Functionalities and Bug Fixes

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1. Exciting New Functionalities

XANA is elevating its virtual experience with several new features, promising an even more immersive and interactive Metaverse journey. Here’s what’s new:

  • Tachibana Shinnosuke Metaverse Fan Meeting Archive:

  • Visitors can now stream the archive video at the venue, which will play approximately 30 seconds after entering.
  • XANA Festival Stage World:

  • A dedicated event venue for AMA sessions and other XANA events.
  • Selfie Stick UI and AR Functionality:

  • Enhanced selfie experience with a visible selfie stick from other avatars’ perspectives.
  • First-Person Point of View:

  • Beta version implemented, offering a new perspective on the virtual world.
  • Avatar Emote Function:

  • Beta version of the reaction function for avatars.
  • Participant Count Display:

  • See the number of participants in a world for better interaction planning.
  • UI Improvements:

  • Enhanced user interface for world navigation and wardrobe changes.

2. Addressing the Bugs

XANA’s commitment to a seamless user experience continues with bug fixes:

  • World Transition Bug:

  • Fixed the issue causing unintended transitions between worlds.
  • Android Device Enhancements:

  • Resolved icon image reflection and avatar operation issues.
  • Audio Improvements:

  • Ongoing enhancements to audio during simultaneous connections.

3. Upcoming Additions

Stay tuned for these upcoming features:

  • Badge Indications for NFTs:

  • Including special recognition for Alpha Pass holders.
  • Audio Improvement Continuation:

  • Further refinements to the audio experience.

4. Device Compatibility and Downloads

XANA’s latest updates are designed to optimize performance across various devices:

  • iPhone Compatibility


  • Recommended for iPhone X and later models, with specific OS, CPU, and GPU requirements.
  • Android Compatibility:

  • Requirements include Snapdragon 665 Octa-core, Adreno 618 GPU, and more.
  • Note

  • Incompatibility may lead to UI issues or app crashes.

5. Connection Limitations

  • Maximum Capacity:

  • Up to 10 people in one world, with dimensional shifts if exceeded.
  • Alpha Pass Limitations:

  • Include longer loading times and potential for app crashes.

Conclusion: Stepping into a More Refined Virtual World with XANA

XANA’s latest updates mark a significant step in enhancing the user experience within its Metaverse. With new functionalities, bug fixes, and continuous improvements, XANA is committed to providing an engaging and seamless virtual environment for its community.

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Table of contents