XANA Metaverse Launches CryptoNinja NFT Game!

XANA Metaverse, renowned for providing substantial utility for top intellectual properties (IPs), is set to release its first native GameFi, “NFTDUEL,” featuring the acclaimed CryptoNinja. This new addition, scheduled for 28th January 2023, follows the successful integration of ULTRAMAN and Astroboy, aiming to captivate millions of NFT enthusiasts.

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Japan’s Premier NFT Brand Joins NFTDUEL GameFi

Integrating Leading NFT Collections

  • CryptoNinja Family: A market-leading NFT collection in Japan, with its signature collection CNP boasting over 73,000 ETH in market capitalization.
  • Enhanced Entertainment Value: Both XANA and CryptoNinja family represent Japan’s leading Web 3.0 brands, dedicated to delivering top-tier web3.0 entertainment globally.

NFTDUEL: A Platform for NFT Gaming Enthusiasts

Exclusive Release Details

  • Launch Date: Set for 28th January 2023.
  • Primary Whitelist Access: Holders of XANA: Penpenz (feat. CryptoNinja) will be granted primary whitelist access to mint NFTDUEL CryptoNinja NFT game cards.
  • Game Card Pack Contents: Each pack will contain 5 NFT cards.
  • Immediate Gameplay: Holders can start playing the game immediately after minting the NFT cards.

Join the Exciting World of NFTDUEL with CryptoNinja

Prepare for an immersive gaming experience as XANA Metaverse introduces the CryptoNinja NFT game in NFTDUEL. If you’re a holder of XANA: Penpenz (feat. CryptoNinja), get ready for early access to mint these exclusive game cards. Mark your calendars for 28th January 2023, and be part of this groundbreaking NFT gaming adventure!

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Table of contents