Exclusive NFTs for RIZIN LIVE PPV Buyers: A XANA Special

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Celebrating “RIZIN LIVE” Events with Unique NFTs

The Excitement of RIZIN LIVE Captured in NFTs

  • Event Dates: April 29 and May 6, 2023
  • Special Offer: Limited edition NFTs for PPV buyers of RIZIN LANDMARK5 & RIZIN.42
  • NFT Producer: XANA

Discover the Allure of RIZIN LIVE Limited NFTs

  • Innovative Digital Goods: Utilizing cutting-edge blockchain technology
  • Exclusive and Irreplaceable: Available only now, each NFT is unique
  • Three Distinctive Designs: Featuring sophisticated and premium aesthetics
    • Red glove NFT for RIZIN LANDMARK5 viewers
    • Blue glove NFT for RIZIN.42 viewers
    • Golden trophy NFT, a rare collectible for 100 lucky lottery winners

Future Plans

  • Continued Distribution: Expect more limited NFTs in upcoming RIZIN LIVE events
  • Collectibility: A chance to gather unique NFTs for each event


Explore the collection at XANA NFT.

Understanding RIZIN

  • About RIZIN: RIZIN FIGHTING FEDERATION (RIZIN FF) is a renowned Japanese mixed martial arts organization, hosting kickboxing and MMA events.
  • Mission: To inspire and empower viewers, transforming lives through ultimate entertainment.
  • Popularity: Known for high-stakes matches and a passionate fan base.

Don’t Miss the Opportunity

Get your hands on the exclusive and limited edition NFTs from RIZIN LIVE events! Don’t miss this unique opportunity to own a piece of martial arts history, intricately designed and backed by blockchain technology. Be a part of the thrilling world of RIZIN and start your collection today!

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Table of contents