XANA Metaverse: A New Era in Virtual Experiences

Weekly Development Update

Here is the weekly updates of #XANA. We are moving forward strongly in short period of time. Stay tuned for what’s coming up next !

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Tech Development: Advancements and Innovations

  • iOS/Android Upgrade: Final updates for the Alpha launch of the XANA app, enhancing user experience on mobile platforms.
  • XANA/Terra Bridge: Development is ongoing, focusing on bridging XANA with the Terra ecosystem.
  • Mobile Wallet Development: Ongoing work on the XANA mobile wallet, aiming to streamline virtual transactions.
  • Avatar Dancing Motion: Completion of the avatar dancing motion feature, adding dynamic and interactive elements to user avatars.
  • Marketplace Renewal: The marketplace has undergone a renewal, set for release next week, promising a more user-friendly and efficient trading experience.
  • Multi-chain NFT Collection: Completed development, enabling interoperability and wider access to diverse NFT collections.
  • NFTDUEL 3D Camera Movement: Implementation completed, enhancing the gaming experience with dynamic visual effects.

Business Development: Strategic Collaborations and Growth

  • New Publisher Adoption: Partnership with Hero’s, expanding content and collaboration opportunities.
  • Fashion Brand Adoption: Collaboration with a prominent women’s brand regularly exhibited at Paris Fashion Week (details TBA).
  • New Game Company Adoption: Partnership with a major game developer listed on the Taiwan Stock Market (details TBA).

Growth Update: Expanding Community and Reach

  • Twitter Followers: Achieved a significant milestone with 20,778 new followers.
  • Telegram Members: Growing community with 8,355 new members.
  • Discord Members: Substantial increase of 17%, now totaling 20,407 members.

Product Update: NFTs and Virtual Experiences

  • ULTRAMAN Genesis NFT: Round 1 Whitelisting is currently ongoing, attracting a wide array of participants.
  • ULTRAMAN Genesis NFT Giveaway: Launch of an exciting giveaway, engaging the community and offering unique rewards.

Marketing Update: Enhancing Visibility and Engagement

  • Website Launch: Introduction of a revamped website, offering comprehensive information and user guides.
  • Trailer v1.0 Launch: Release of the first version of the XANA Metaverse trailer, showcasing the immersive virtual world.
  • Telegram and Medium Channels: New channels launched, enhancing communication and updates for the community.
  • ULTRAMAN Genesis NFT Visuals: Revealed captivating visuals for the ULTRAMAN Genesis NFT, building anticipation and interest.

Join the XANA Metaverse and be a part of this groundbreaking virtual revolution. Engage with our growing community on Telegram, Discord, and Twitter, and stay tuned for our latest updates and releases. Explore the limitless possibilities with XANA – where virtual becomes reality.

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Table of contents