XANA Metaverse: A Glimpse into the Future

Here is the weekly updates of #XANA. We are moving forward strongly in short period of time. Stay tuned for what’s coming up next !

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Business Development

? New Horizons

  • Adopted New Games Studio: XANA has recently partnered with GODSFLAME, expanding its horizon in the gaming sector.
  • Exciting Collaborations: Six new renowned Hip-hop artists are now onboard with XANA. Names to be announced soon.
  • Creative Alliances: XANA has joined forces with a top Japanese animator, promising intriguing developments ahead.

Product Update

⚡️ Innovations and Launches

  • ULTRAMAN Genesis NFT: The whitelisting and giveaway phase has been completed, setting the stage for the upcoming draw.
  • Metaverse Alpha-Pass: Currently in the final stages of testing, an announcement is imminent.
  • NFT Marketplace: A renewed and upgraded marketplace has been successfully launched.

Marketing Update

?‍? Brand Visibility and Reach

  • Major Advertising: XANA has secured a deal with one of Tokyo’s largest billboards, enhancing its visibility.
  • Blogging Platform: The launch of the XANA Metaverse Blog marks a new chapter in community engagement.
  • Social Media Milestone: The total number of followers across SNS platforms has reached an impressive 50,000.

Tech Development

? Cutting-Edge Progress

  • XANA SNS Function: Currently in the final stages of testing.
  • XANA iOS/Android: Undergoing final upgrades for the Alpha launch.
  • XANA / Terra Bridge: Development is ongoing, aiming to enhance interoperability.
  • XANA Mobile Wallet: The development of a dedicated mobile wallet is in progress.
  • NFTDUEL ULTRAMAN Battlefield: The development of this exciting feature is ongoing, promising a dynamic gaming experience.

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As XANA Metaverse continues to evolve and expand, it remains committed to bringing groundbreaking developments in the worlds of gaming, technology, and digital interactions. Stay tuned for more exciting updates and be a part of this transformative journey!

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Table of contents