XANA Unveils the Official Website for “XANA SUMMIT 2024,” a Festival of Cutting-Edge Tech and Entertainment!

XANA, the AI x Web3.0 Metaverse company (CEO: XANARIO), has launched the official website for the next-generation festival “XANA SUMMIT 2024.” This event will see cutting-edge projects, companies, DAOs, celebrities, artists, creators, and communities gather in the Metaverse for a two-week period.


Official Websitehttps://xana.net/XANASUMMIT/
VenueXANA Metaverse
PeriodScheduled for late August 2024

We will announce participating projects, companies, celebrities, creators, and communities through our media and SNS as they are confirmed.

Official SNS:

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XANA SUMMIT 2024 Event Overview

XANA SUMMIT 2024 is an event aimed at conveying the cutting-edge technologies that will shape humanity’s future, such as Web3.0, AI, the Metaverse, and space exploration, to a broader audience through the medium of entertainment. The event will see leading DAOs and companies from various fields co-create unique pavilions in the Metaverse, primarily targeting the digital-native generation.

Moreover, the festival will offer unprecedented experiences with a venue designed to deliver the highest level of entertainment, catering to tens of thousands of attendees.

The event will feature a wide array of activities, including booth exhibitions in the Metaverse, talk sessions, panel discussions, presentations, and festivals.

In addition to global speakers sharing the latest knowledge and topics, there will be performances and shows by artists, with numerous participating companies expected.

Companies and creators will have booths showcasing the latest products and services, providing interactive experiences within the Metaverse.

To facilitate connections among participants, as well as between exhibitors and participants, there will be matchmaking areas and dedicated spaces for direct business negotiations, fostering new business opportunities and networking.

Various participation methods are available to ensure that people from all layers can have the best experience. The festival, created by each participant, will provide a once-in-a-lifetime experience filled with excitement and inspiration.

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XANA: The Architects of Digital Dreams

XANA, a Web 3.0 type metaverse, is at the core of integrating AI into our digital future. With a one-stop infrastructure for the Metaverse era, XANA has been instrumental in sectors ranging from local governments to educational institutions. Its achievements include the Metaverse Koto Heartful Museum, the virtual human for Milan Fashion Week, and many more transformative projects.


Entrepreneur, Entertainment Producer

Originally from Nara Prefecture, Japan. After living in Los Angeles, Beijing, and Indonesia, currently resides in Dubai. Signed with Avex as an artist, he worked on notable tracks such as those for Initial D and TRF, before becoming an independent entrepreneur.

He produced fashion shows at XJAPAN’s Tokyo Dome concert, Taiwan Stadium, and New York Fashion Week. Later, he formed a DJ group with members from Japan, Korea, and China. The group provided music for Chinese TV programs and movies and embarked on a world tour covering over 200 cities. They also performed at major festivals like Summer Sonic Shanghai.

Inspired by the advent of blockchain and virtual reality, he incorporated the group and developed XANA. In 2022, XANA was listed on five major global exchanges.

Currently, he leads an organization with over 120 employees across seven global locations. He is trilingual in Japanese, Chinese, and English. He has received several accolades, including third place at the CES2024 Web3.0 Pitch Competition, recognition at the ICC Startup Catapult 2023, and awards at Tokyo Dome EnXross and ICC Catapult Grand Prix 2024. He was also a finalist at the Tokyo Venture Company Championship 2024.

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