XANA Weekly Development Update | 2 June – 9 June

Weekly Development Update
Table of contents

XANA NFT Updates

Enhancements and Resolutions

  1. User Feedback Integration
    • Focus: Continuously incorporating user feedback for a superior marketplace experience.
  2. Owned Tab Functionality
    • Update: Displaying NFTs owned by selected wallets accurately.
  3. Transaction Issue Resolution
    • Improvement: Fixed problems with transactions on ERC1155, ensuring immediate reflection and smooth transactions.

NFTDUEL Game Enhancements

Innovations in Web 3.0 Gaming

  1. $FUEL Implementation
    • Development: Integrating $FUEL earning based on Duel results for enhanced gameplay.
  2. State Icons Addition
    • Feature: Implementing icons to visualize state changes in abilities.
  3. Game Experience
    • Improvement: Enhancing the overall gaming experience and flow.

NFT Project Developments

Progress Across Various NFT Initiatives

  1. Rooster Fighter
    • Migration: Preparing for Rooster Race, transitioning NFTs from all chains to XANAChain.
  2. CryptoNinja
    • Integration: Incorporating CryptoNinja NFTs into NFTDUEL with unique abilities.
  3. XANA: Genesis
    • Personalization: Developing individuality features for Genesis in collaboration with DAO members.
    • Thumbnails: Adding enticing thumbnails to XANA LAND for an appealing visual cue.

XANA App Enhancements

Advancements in Metaverse Experience

  1. Cameraman Functionality
    • Feature: Enabling capturing from any angle without interference.
  2. XANA DIVA Development
    • Creation: Developing the first metaverse idol reality show.

XANA Web Improvements

UI/UX Enhancements

  1. User Interface Updates
    • Focus: Continuously improving the user experience with timely UI/UX updates and issue resolutions.

XANA Builder Progress

Building a Community-First Metaverse

  1. Land Thumbnail Feature
    • Addition: Enabling Land Holders to upload Worlds to their Land for streamlined navigation.
  2. Gamification Modules
    • Upgrades: Enhancing 7 existing modules and developing 5 new modules.
  3. World Analysis Tool
    • Functionality: Providing feedback on World compatibility with various devices for optimization needs.


Commitment to Community-Driven Ecosystem

  • Goal: Striving towards creating a unique ecosystem for community members.
  • Weekly Progress: Achieving significant milestones in NFT, gaming, and metaverse development.
  • Anticipation: Eager to share further updates and advancements next week.
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Table of contents