XANA Weekly Development Update | 26 May – 1 June

Weekly Development Update
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Keeping the Community Informed on Technical Progress

XANA NFT: Enhancements and User Query Solutions

  • User Queries Addressed: Resolution of Owned reflection issues on ERC 1155.

NFTDUEL: Enhancing the Gaming Experience

  • New Additions and Functionalities:
    • Integration of CryptoNinja and Astroboy Okayama cards.
    • Deck creation and Duel play with personal cards.
    • Implementation of Genesis Cards (Ultraman Genesis, Astroboy Tottori Genesis).
    • Launch of Live Streaming feature (currently team-side only).
  • Resolved Community-Reported Bugs:
    • Fixed stuck matching screen.
    • Resolved No-Internet popup post-duel.

NFT Projects: Expanding the NFTDUEL Universe

  • CryptoNinja: Integrated into NFTDUEL with unique abilities.
  • XANA: Genesis:
    • Migration to a new contract for royalty generation and marketplace transactions.
    • Enhanced anti-theft features with two-factor authentication enable/disable option on XANA NFT.

XANA App: Striving for a Unified Experience

  • Major Fixes Implemented:
    • Corrected hair color visibility discrepancies.
    • Enabled YouTube Video play in 6 specific Worlds.
    • Fixed aerial camera animations for enhanced viewing.
    • Streamlined event creation on XANA.net and access via XANA App.

XANA Web: Celebrating XANA: Festival 4.0

  • UI/UX Enhancements: Improvements for an immersive event experience.
  • Feedback Integration: Bug resolutions and community-focused changes.
  • Language Optimization: Usage of Standard Japanese text.

XANA Builder: Facilitating Creative Exploration

  • Component Additions and Improvements:
    • Narration, Time Limit, Countdown, Random Number, Elapsed Time.
    • Transport and Transform functions (including Rotation and To and Fro Motion).
    • Hyperlink Popup, Display Message, Turn Off Light, Adding Force.

Conclusion: Forward Momentum and Gratitude

XANA’s Commitment to Community and Innovation

  • XANA acknowledges the community’s support and aims to maintain momentum with continuous improvements and unique offerings.

Next Update: Anticipation for Future Developments

  • Stay tuned for the upcoming updates and further enhancements.
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Table of contents