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Weekly Development Update
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Business Development Highlights

  1. XANA XETA Token DAO Round Sale with DAO Maker:
  2. Successfully completed, with over 3648 participants and 31.4 million $DAO staked. 2576 winners to receive $XETA allocations.
  3. XANA XETA Token Public SHO:
  4. Announced by XANA, following the successful completion of the private DAO round sale.
  5. Action Sports NFT Competition:
  6. Hosted by XANA in collaboration with Japan’s largest ad agencies Dentsu and Zeta. Submissions open at XANALIA, XANA’s official NFT marketplace.
  7. New Influencers Onboarding:
  8. XANA welcomes new influencers to create unique virtual spaces in the XANA Metaverse.
  10. Successful interactive sessions held with Expert Kripto and CryptoDaku, discussing the Metaverse and gaming economy.

Content Development Insights

  1. Hiroko Koshino Whitelist Winners:
  2. Winners of the first digital fashion NFTs by Hiroko Koshino announced.
  3. XANA Metaverse Skateboard NFTs:
  4. Available on GateNFT, offering a unique commuting mode in the Metaverse.
  5. Yokohama Urban Sports Festival NFTs:
  6. Official NFTs produced for the event, with a chance to win limited special NFTs featuring Japan’s top athletes.
  7. XANALIA NFT Art Awards Ceremony:
  8. Celebrated in the XANA Metaverse, showcasing the creativity of global artists.
  9. Weekly XANADanceMeme Contest:
  10. New winners selected, promoting community creativity.

Technological Advancements

  1. XANA Launchpad:
  2. A new platform developed to enable users to create their own Metaverse NFTs and Avatars.
  3. XANA DAO V-meetup:
  4. Interactive sessions on Discord with CEO Rio Takeshi Kubo, discussing community ideas and DAO operations.
  5. NFTDUEL Game Development:
  6. Undergoing bug fixes for an enhanced gaming experience.
  7. XANA Builder Enhancements:
  8. New assets added for users to build their own worlds within the Metaverse.
  9. XANALIA Marketplace Redesign:
  10. A new user-friendly interface being introduced for an improved experience.

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