Emerging Trends and Collaborations in XANA’s Business and Content Development

Weekly Development Update

Astro Boy

XANA Metaverse, leading the digital revolution, announces new collaborations, events, and technological advancements, promising an immersive experience in the virtual realm.

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Business Development Highlights

  1. Astro Boy Event Collaboration with Tottori Japan

    • Celebrating Japanese culture with an Astro Boy-themed event.
    • Open participation with a reward of $2500.
    • Join the Event
  2. Metaverse Movie Project with Industry Leaders

    • Developing a Metaverse-based movie to enlighten the community about GameFi.
  3. K-Pop Collaboration

    • Exploring partnerships with K-Pop stars to enhance Metaverse’s cultural reach.
  4. Preparation for CEX Listings

    • XANA Metaverse to be listed on prominent cryptocurrency exchanges.
  5. DAOMaker Public Round Ongoing

    • Expanding XANA DAO with global participation.
  6. IDO with GameFi Ongoing

    • Introducing GameFi in XANA Metaverse, targeting the gaming market.

Content Development Initiatives

  1. XANA Genesis Whitelist Closing

    • Exclusive NFT series with AI integration.
    • Whitelisting opportunity for exclusive rewards.
  2. XANALIA Creative Art Award

  3. NFTDUEL Gameplay Trailer Development

    • Anticipated release of XANA’s flagship GameFi’s trailer.
  4. Major Content Collaborations

    • Expanding content through undisclosed partnerships.
  5. Land NFT Guidelines

    • Developing comprehensive guidelines for Metaverse land acquisition.
  6. Featured on Japanese TV News Channel Zero

    • Showcasing XANA’s wearable NFTs by Hiroko Koshino on mainstream media.

Technological Advancements

  1. Audit of Token Smart Contracts

    • Ensuring security and effectiveness of XANA Token contracts.
  2. Development of XANA Land Page

    • A dedicated platform showcasing various plots in the Metaverse.
  3. XANALIA V2 Nearing Completion

    • Upgraded version for enhanced user experience in NFT Marketplace.
  4. XANA Genesis NFTs AI Integration

    • Pioneering in AI-enabled NFTs for Metaverse.
  5. Finalization of NFT Duel Alpha Version

    • Preparing for Alpha launch of the much-awaited NFT-based game.

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Table of contents