Innovative Collaborations and Developments in the XANA Metaverse

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The XANA Metaverse continues to make significant strides in the world of digital real estate, NFTs, and blockchain gaming. Here’s a comprehensive look at the latest developments and collaborations that are shaping the future of this virtual universe.

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Business Development: Expanding the Virtual Horizon

  1. Astro Boy X Japan NFT Collaboration:
  2. XANA and Tottori Japan have successfully brought Japanese culture into the NFT space with the Astro Boy X Japan NFTs.
  3. Metaverse Movie Project:
  4. XANA is set to announce a Metaverse-based movie, collaborating with top media groups to showcase the essence of the Metaverse.
  5. K-Pop Meets Metaverse:
  6. XANA is working with a K-Pop group, promising a unique blend of popular culture and advanced technology.
  7. XETA Token Listing Postponed:
  8. Due to current market conditions, XANA has put the listing of its XETA token on hold, prioritizing market stability.
  9. DAOMaker IDO Concluding:
  10. XANA’s successful IDO on DAOMaker is drawing to a close, expanding the community’s reach.

Content Development: NFTs and Virtual Experiences

  1. XANA Genesis NFTs:
  2. The winners of the whitelist campaign for these innovative AI-enabled NFTs have been selected, with exciting rewards in store.
  3. Creative Art Award Finalization:
  4. This competition is set to conclude, showcasing the best of NFT art in a virtual reality gallery.
  5. NFTDUEL Gameplay Reveal:
  6. XANA’s flagship GameFi, NFTDUEL, is now previewed, enhancing gaming in the Metaverse.
  7. Allocation of XANA Alpha Pass NFTs:
  8. These exclusive NFTs offer early access to various Metaverse features.
  9. Rooster Fighter Event Preparation:
  10. An exciting NFT event is in the works, with details to be announced soon.
  11. XANA Metaverse Billboard in Tokyo:
  12. A billboard showcasing the Metaverse is being set up in Tokyo, increasing public awareness.


Technological Developments: Building the Digital World

  1. XANA Chain Testnet Live:
  2. This Ethereum sidechain is the backbone of the XANA ecosystem, now in the testing phase.
  3. XETA Staking Platform Testing:
  4. Ensuring smooth operation before launch, this platform supports XANA’s native token.
  5. Final Testing of XANALIA V2:
  6. The new and improved version of XANA’s NFT Marketplace is almost ready for launch.
  7. NFTDUEL Launch Preparation:
  8. The Alpha testing phase of this innovative NFT card game is complete, setting the stage for its introduction in the Metaverse.
  9. Final Touches on XANA Genesis NFTs AI Engine:
  10. These pioneering AI NFTs are nearly ready, marking a milestone in Metaverse innovation.
  11. XANA Builder Development:
  12. This tool enables the creation of assets and environments within the Metaverse, nearing completion.

Conclusion: XANA’s Forward March in the Metaverse

XANA’s latest developments reflect its commitment to innovation and community engagement in the Metaverse. From groundbreaking NFTs to a movie project and advanced gaming experiences, XANA is shaping a dynamic virtual world.

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Table of contents