Unlocking New Realms: A Week of Business and Content Developments in XANA

Weekly Development Update

The XANA Metaverse has had an eventful week, marked by significant advancements in both business and technical spheres. From new collaborations to the final touches on their flagship projects, here’s a comprehensive rundown of XANA’s latest strides.

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Business Developments: Strategic Collaborations and Initiatives

  • XANA IDO with GameFi:

  • The ongoing IDO presents an opportunity to purchase XETA tokens. Act fast before it concludes on July 15th. Join the whitelist here.
  • Tottori Prefecture Collaboration:

  • XANA’s creative partnership with Tottori Prefecture for the Astro Boy X Japan contest has culminated, with winners now enjoying their rewards.
  • DAOMaker Collaboration:

  • XANA’s Alpha Pass holders are privy to an exclusive XETA token sale, thanks to XANA’s collaboration with DAO Maker.
  • Zenogakki Collaboration:

  • Embracing the anime world, XANA is partnering with Zenogakki, introducing their unique NFTs to the Metaverse.

Content Development: Gaming and Artistic Creations

  • NFTDUEL Gameplay Sneak Peek:

  • XANA’s flagship GameFi NFTDUEL is nearing launch, with a gameplay preview now available.
  • XANA Creative Art Award 2022:

  • The conclusion of this NFT art competition has set the stage for the announcement of the winners.
  • Metaverse Penguinz for Alpha Pass Holders:

  • Alpha Pass NFT holders will enjoy the company of unique PenPenz penguins in the XANA Metaverse.
  • XANA Stories Series Launch:

  • A series of interactive Metaverse stories is being unveiled, offering a narrative-driven exploration of the XANA universe.
  • Genesis NFTs Final Adjustments:

  • The pioneering AI-integrated Genesis NFTs are receiving their final touches.

Technical Developments: Enhancing the Metaverse Experience

  • First Person View Implementation:

  • XANA Metaverse now offers a first-person view option, enhancing user immersion.
  • XANALIA V2 Testing:

  • The updated version of XANA’s NFT Marketplace, XANALIA V2, is undergoing final testing.
  • NFTDUEL Game Finalization:

  • The innovative NFTDUEL game is on the verge of its official launch.
  • Genesis NFTs Finalization:

  • The AI functionalities of Genesis NFTs are being fine-tuned for their imminent launch.
  • XANA Land Page Preparation:

  • A new directory for XANA Metaverse Land, highlighting key locations and activities, is almost ready.

Conclusion: XANA’s Metaverse Marches Ahead

XANA’s recent developments reflect a strong commitment to expanding its Metaverse ecosystem. From forging new alliances to polishing its creative and technical offerings, XANA is paving the way for an enriched virtual experience.

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Table of contents