XANA Metaverse: Expanding Horizons in Business and Tech Development

Weekly Development Update


Table of contents

Table of Contents

  1. Business Development
    • Collaboration with OKEX
    • Collaborative Meme Contest with ByBit
    • Discussing Metaverse with ByBit
    • Launch of Weekly XANA Meme Contest in the Metaverse
  2. Content Update
    • Rooster Fighter PFP NFTs Sold
    • ULTRAMAN NFT Round 4 Whitelist Closed
    • Astro Boy X Japan NFT Sale Coming Soon
    • XANA Land Allocation to Rooster Fighter PFP NFT Holders
  3. Tech Development
    • XANA Metaverse Public Alpha is Open
    • New Assets Added to XANA Metaverse Creation Library

Business Development

Collaboration with OKEX

  • Rooster Fighter PFP NFT Sale: OKEX, a leading Japanese crypto exchange platform, announced the sale of Rooster Fighter PFP NFTs on their NFT platform. This sale marked one of the first official anime PFPs available in any NFT marketplace.
  • AMA with OKEX: XANA hosted an AMA session in cooperation with OKEX. The CEO of XANA addressed queries about the XANA Metaverse, Rooster Fighter NFTs, and the mystery box. This event catered to the Chinese community, with questions and discussions in Chinese.

Collaborative Meme Contest with ByBit

  • XANA and ByBit are collaborating to host a meme contest, inviting creative inputs from their communities.

Discussing Metaverse with ByBit

  • Engagements with ByBit include discussions about the evolving Metaverse, exploring new opportunities and collaborations.

Weekly XANA Meme Contest in the Metaverse

  • XANA has initiated a weekly meme contest within the Metaverse, fostering community engagement and creativity.

Content Update

Rooster Fighter PFP NFTs Sold

  • The unique Rooster Fighter PFP NFTs have successfully been sold, marking a significant achievement in XANA’s NFT offerings.

ULTRAMAN NFT Round 4 Whitelist Closed

  • The fourth round whitelist for the popular ULTRAMAN NFT series has been closed, following high interest and participation.

Astro Boy X Japan NFT Sale Coming Soon

  • An upcoming NFT sale featuring Astro Boy X Japan is on the horizon, expected to attract significant attention.

XANA Land Allocation to Rooster Fighter PFP NFT Holders

  • Holders of the Rooster Fighter PFP NFTs will be allocated land in the XANA Metaverse, expanding their virtual estate.

Tech Development

XANA Metaverse Public Alpha is Open

  • The public alpha version of the XANA Metaverse is now available, offering users a glimpse into the expanding virtual world.

New Assets Added to XANA Metaverse Creation Library

  • The XANA Metaverse Creation Library has been enriched with new assets, enhancing the tools available for users to create and customize their virtual experiences.

Collaborative Meme Contest with ByBit 

ByBit has announced the ULTRAMAN Meme contest for anime lovers in collaboration with XANA. ByBit is listing XANA’s popular anime NFTs ULTRAMAN on their platform, gaining all the hype in the community. The meme contest is announced to celebrate this potential collaboration between XANA and ByBit. The content is open for the entries, and the winners of the ULTRAMAN NFT meme contest will be rewarded with 3000 USDT.

Discussing Metaverse with ByBit

XANA is striving to lead the Metaverse space. XANA has joined the Metaverse talk session hosted by the famous crypto platform “ByBit”. The potential of the Metaverse is not limited to gaming, but there is a lot more, and XANA has answered everything about the “Future of the Metaverse” to the community. The session has been recorded and is available on the XANA & ByBit Twitter accounts. 

ultraman nft

Launched Weekly XANA Meme Contest in the Metaverse

To engage with the global XANA community, the XANA team has announced a weekly meme contest in the Metaverse. This contest will encourage the users to explore their creative side, and engage with each other on the Metaverse. The winners will be announced at the end of the week and will be rewarded with amazing prizes. Check out the XANA Twitter for the rules, and how to join. You can also see the submissions of the other community members using the #XANAdancememe tag. 

meme dance

Content Update

Rooster Fighter PFP NFTs Sold

Recently, XANA held a Rooster Fighter PFP NFT sale for those who were whitelisted for this NFT. XANA was also collaborating with OKEX for this NFT sale. There were multiple rounds to the rooster fighter NFT sale, but all rounds had amazing sales. The Rooster Fighter PFP NFTs are iconic because they are one of the first PFP styled NFTs of an actual mainstream Anime. 

ULTRAMAN NFT Round 4 Whitelist closed

The 4th round of the ULTRAMAN NFT whitelist started around the beginning of this month and just successfully ended with massive participants.  This whitelist is for the ULTRAMAN NFT Genesis cards, which will have a lot of utility in the XANA Metaverse. Additionally, whitelist participants for the ULTRAMAN Genesis NFTs will also receive priority access to many future NFT whitelists held by XANA. 

Astro Boy X Japan NFT Sale Coming Soon

The Astro Boy X Japan NFT sale had its whitelist close just very recently, and now XANA is getting everything ready for the sale of these NFTs. XANA is working with the official anime studios behind Astro Boy, and have been given access to use the extremely popular Astro Boy Anime character to mint NFTs. Additionally, the Astro Boy X Japan NFT also marks a historic collaboration between XANA, and a local Japanese government. 

XANA Land Allocation to Rooster Fighter PFP NFT Holders

XANA is providing a Land allocation in the XANA Metaverse to Rooster Fighter NFT PFP holders, but they will need to meet a certain criteria. XANA will give away 1 land for each person in its first and second round of Rooster Fighter NFT whitelist. To receive this Land allocation the selected individuals from the whitelist who bought Rooster NFTs will need to HOLD them until the public land sale (approximately this summer).

Tech Development

XANA Metaverse Public Alpha is Open

Wait to explore the XANA Metaverse Alpha version is now over, and it has been made public to the global community. All the reported issues has been resolved by the team and the Metaverse is ready to offer the utmost experience to the Metaverse enthusiasts. Thanks to the XANA’s amazing community for the active participation in testing the Alpha version. 

New Assets Added to XANA Metaverse Creation Library

The XANA team is dedicated to evolving the Metaverse into a premier platform for the digital community. In a significant development, the XANA Metaverse creation library has been enriched with numerous new assets. This enhancement allows users to:

  • Experiment with Avatars and NFTs: Users can now utilize these new assets to customize their avatars and NFTs, offering a more enriched and personalized experience in the XANA Metaverse.
  • Enjoy an Enhanced Metaverse Experience: With these additions, users can explore and enjoy the XANA Metaverse in novel and exciting ways.

A Lot More Server Bandwidth Added to XANALIA for Future NFT Sales

Recognizing the growing popularity and the surging demand for NFTs, particularly the famous anime NFT drops like ULTRAMAN and ROOSTER FIGHTER NFTs, XANA has significantly upgraded XANALIA. As the dedicated NFT marketplace of the XANA Metaverse, these enhancements include:

  • Increased Server Bandwidth: To accommodate the massive response and high traffic volumes during NFT sales, XANALIA’s server bandwidth has been substantially increased.
  • Preparation for Future NFT Sales: With these improvements, XANALIA is well-prepared to handle future NFT sales and the anticipated global community participation.

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