XANA Wins Excellence and GlobalLogic Japan Awards at enXross, Hosted by Tokyo Dome

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Celebrating XANA’s Innovative Contribution to the Web3.0 Space

NOBORDER.z MANAGEMENT CONSULTANCIES, the force behind XANA (AIxWeb3.0 Metaverse), has achieved remarkable recognition at the “enXross” event, hosted by Tokyo Dome. On December 19, 2023, XANA was honored with both the Excellence Award and the “GlobalLogic Japan Award” in the blockchain-themed idea contest “enXross AWARD”.

XANA’s Visionary Approach to Metaverse Entertainment

XANA’s winning presentation, themed “Tokyo Dome’s Metaverse Innovative Entertainment Utilizing Web 3.0 and AI,” focused on reimagining Tokyo Dome and Tokyo Dome City in the Metaverse. The concept includes creating an AI idol unit, fostering fan engagement, and strengthening collaboration through audience participation and co-creation in the Metaverse. The judges lauded the idea for its originality and futuristic vision, paving the way for live events at the real Tokyo Dome.

What is enXross?

“enXross” is a trailblazing project that melds entertainment and innovation. It aims to provide new value and moving experiences through digital technology. December 2023 marked the inaugural events “enXross AWARD” and “enXross EXHIBITION” in Tokyo Dome City, showcasing Web 3.0 and advanced technology ideas, talks, and exhibitions.

enXross Event Details

  • Formal Name: enXross
  • Sponsor: Tokyo Dome Co., Ltd.
  • Secretariat: Tokyo Dome Co., Ltd. / DigitalBlast Co., Ltd.
  • Official Twitter: enXross Twitter
  • Event URL: enXross Event


XANA Founder RIO

RIO, the entrepreneur and entertainment producer behind XANA, is a trilingual visionary with roots in Nara Prefecture, Japan. With diverse experiences from Los Angeles to Dubai, he has excelled in the entertainment industry, from music production for Chinese TV and movies to global tours. His passion for blockchain and virtual reality led to the formation of Noborderz Group, now a global organization with significant achievements.

About XANA

XANA is a leader in the Web 3.0 type metaverse, integrating AI to offer a comprehensive infrastructure for the Metaverse and AI era. Its implementations span diverse sectors, demonstrating its impact and versatility.

Key Implementations and Achievements

  • Metaverse Koto Heartful Museum, Tokyo Olympics, Paralympics.
  • Web3.0 class at China’s Central Art Academy International Academy.
  • Virtual human for Milan Fashion Week.
  • Development of the Metaverse with JTB, JCB, Fuji Sankei Group, and others.
  • Introduction of “XANA Chain” to major exchanges.

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NOBORDER.z MANAGEMENT CONSULTANCIES, a global leader in entertainment technology, is driven by a vision of “a world without borders.” Centered in New York and Dubai, the company specializes in Metaverse and NFT platforms, leveraging blockchain technology.

Company Profile

  • Location: Emaar Business Park, Dubai
  • Business Focus: Development and service management of blockchain technology, VR, XR, AI, NFT
  • CEO: Rio Takeshi Kubo
  • Corporate Site
  • Twitter

For more information, contact the Public Relations Department at [email protected].

Join XANA in revolutionizing the Metaverse and AI space, a journey towards innovative and immersive digital experiences!

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