XETA & LAND Staking (Cycle 28) is Starting!

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$XETA Staking Cycle 28 is kicking off, bringing exciting opportunities for token and landholders.


Campaign Period: 11.27 12:00 ~ 12.10 12:00 UTC
Join Raffle Period: 12.10 12:00 ~ 12.12 12:00 UTC

How to stake $XETA (Manual)

How to stake LAND (Manual)

Staking Site

Rewards List

For $XETA Staking:

  • XANA Festival Tickets: Exclusive VIP access to the “Real x Metaverse” event.
  • XANA: Land (Common): Build, rent, trade, and stake in the XANA Metaverse.
  • XANA: Genesis: Advanced AI NFTs to support your metaverse journey.
  • NFTDUEL Genesis Card (Ultraman): Collectible cards from the famed hero.
  • BreakingDown Avatar NFT: Limited edition avatars for the XANA app.
  • XANA: Genesis – Voice Plugin: Unlocking new interaction capabilities.
  • NFTDUEL Booster: Enhance your gameplay with card upgrades.
  • NFTDUEL CryptoNinja (Single): Join the NFT trading card game excitement.
  • Xeny ($5): In-game currency for various uses within the XANA ecosystem.

For LAND Staking:

  • BreakingDown Tickets: Witness the action live with premium VIP tickets.
  • BreakingDown Land (Common): Potential value growth with notable appearances.
  • XANA: Penpenz: Exclusive generative NFTs in collaboration with CryptoNinja.
  • Rooster Fighter NFT: Unique combinations for the animated “Chicken Fighter.”
  • XANA: Genesis – Animation Plugin: Bring AI Genesis to life with animations.
  • Xeny ($100): More in-game currency for enhancing your virtual presence.
  • XANA:Sneakerz: Unique wearable items exclusive to stakers.
  • XANA Wearables: Express your style with a range of virtual fashion items.
  • NFTDUEL Penpenz (Single): Special card featuring XANA’s iconic character.

What is Staking?

Staking within the XANA ecosystem unlocks benefits across various platforms, including LAND, games, DeFi, NFTs, and brand apps.

Staking Periods

Campaign Period: Engage in staking to earn TICKET EARNED daily.
Join Raffle Period: Exchange tickets from staking to join the raffle.
Announcement of Reward Release: Lottery results will follow, with rewards claimable post-announcement.

How to Stake

The staking adventure begins now—join in and stake your claim in the XANA universe!

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Table of contents