XETA Token Staking (Cycle 2) is Starting!

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With $XETA staking, users can stake their XETA tokens to unlock benefits across the entire XANA ecosystem. $XETA staking unlocks benefits in the entire XANA ecosystem: LAND, games, DeFi, NFTs, and brand apps built on XANA.

Staking your XETA tokens is easy: Go to our website and log in. The first staking phase offers you a chance to earn rewards based on how many of your XETA tokens you stake.

$XETA staking benefits will happen in phases. Each one will offer growth in benefits. The more tokens you stake, the larger the rewards will be. The rewards will also scale up as we progress through this cycle and move into Phase 2.

We’re excited to see what you can accomplish with your $XETA tokens.

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$XETA Staking Periods

The Staking will consist of a “Campaign period of 14 days,” a “JOIN RUFFLE period of 2 days,” and a “CoolDown period of 14 days” for a total cycle of every 30 days.

  • Campaign Period: You can only stake $XETA tokens during the campaign period. After the end of the campaign period, you will not be able to enter the staking cycle. As proof of staking, tickets will be pooled in “Tickets Earned” every 24 hours.
  • Join Ruffle Period: After the campaign period, it is essential to join the ruffle by selecting the “Join Ruffle” button. Remember that you must join the ruffle within 48 hours in exchange for the tickets obtained in the staking period and get a treasure box.
  • Cool Down Period: It is a 14-day cooldown period, during which the ruffles will be counted, and lottery results will be announced. You can claim your rewards and tax benefits after the announcement of the lottery results. In the cooldown period, a draw will be held only for those who “JOIN RUFFLE” in exchange for (and consume) their tickets. The drawing method is done by calculating the percentage of the total number of tickets applied to the number of tickets he/she has applied, and the winner is randomly picked.

$XETA Staking Rewards

Here are the lucrative rewards of the $XETA token staking:

1. Land NFT
The essential NFT for XANA metaverse. You can build, rent, trade, and stake the land NFT. Also, XANA land can be used to host virtual events and many more.

2. XANA: Genesis NFT
The most advanced personalized AI-based NFT partner for your metaverse life. XANA:Genesis NFT will be an AI companion and assistant in the virtual worlds of XANA Metaverse.

3. XANA: Genesis Voice Plugin v1
The Plugin unlocks XANA: Genesis to be able to speak. You will get a new talkative friend in the XANA Metaverse. This is even more interesting that your AI friend will be able to communicate with you.

4. XANA: Genesis Animation Plugin v1
Expressions will make the AI NFT more exciting and fun. The Plugin unlocks XANA: Genesis to animate with emotion and expressions.

5. LAND VIP discount
The privilege to purchase land with 30% discounted price. XANA Land NFT has many benefits that will add to your asset list.

6. LAND Whitelist
Early access to purchase Land NFT. This reward will allow you to enter the Land NFT whitelist.

7. Rare Avatar Item
XANA’s original brand wearables for your metaverse fashion. Flaunt your fashion in the virtual world with many unique branded accessories and apparel.

8. In-App currency
The currency to purchase XANA Builder assets or wearables in XANA Metaverse App.

$XETA Staking (Cycle 2) Schedule

Campaign Time:09.02 12:00 ~ 09.16 12:00 (9 August 2022)
Join Ruffle Period:09.16 12:00 ~ 09.18 12:00 (16 August 2022)
Cool Down Period:09.18 12:00 ~ 10.02 12:00 (18 August 2022)

About $XETA Staking

1. Treasure Chests

Staking $XETA tokens accrues Tickets. These tickets will be redeemable for Treasure Chests, which hold valuable NFTs ranging from rare drops of LAND to more common drops of items usable in games across XANA.

2. True Yield

$XETA staking also unlocks True Yield. This yield is sourced from the ecosystem economy: sales, transactions, leverage, etc. It’s called True because it’s real economic value shared instead of supply inflation.

3. XETA Staking Model

$XETA staking is perpetual: you stake once for access to all ecosystem benefits, and you can leave any time after a short cooldown.
Skipping the cooldown has a penalty which also feeds a Tax pool, which further grows True yield for long-term stakers.

***Users can Unstake XETAs that are in staking at any time.

Unstaking within 14 days of the start of the stake will incur a penalty, which will feed into the Tax pool, further increasing the True yield of the long-term staker.

How to Stake $XETA?

$XETA staking procedure is precisely explained here:
(PPT link)


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